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best diet once DS2 born

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Racheyg Sat 16-May-15 13:19:10

hi all,
I am due ds2 in 2 weeks and planning on starting dieting soon after. I put on nearly 4 stone with ds1 who was born 21 months ago and I was already overweight. I tried during this pregnancy to not put on too much but I have managed to put on 3 1/2 stone. sad

I was on 5:2 after ds1 was born and lost 3 stone, and still had 2 stone more too lose so I was week 1 into slimming world when I found out i was pregnant, i didnt stick on slimming world as I felt sick for the first 16 weeks and carbs were my best friend smile

My questions is any advice on the best diet to go on once ds2 born? shall I start slimming world or go back on 5:2? advice greatly received. xx

Barn92 Wed 20-May-15 15:22:25

Hello try not to pressure yourself I to losing too much weight you will have just had a baby �� I used a nutritional supplement to aid my weightloss aswell as helping me t lose weight it also educated me what were the right foods to eat etc I still use the supplement now even though I'm where I want to be, I use it for all the health benefits it gives me etc
Good luck with the baby and the weightlosssmile

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