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Best meal replacement vlc diet?

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bigloser1339 Wed 02-Mar-16 18:24:37

Im on ultra slim tescos own brand 2 shakes an a meal a day bought a bag of baton Carrots an bunch of Bananas Had a day off on Sunday but didnt go mad i lost 8lb cant believe it this wks harder but Il let ya no on monday again i hope

mrbob Fri 15-May-15 13:29:44

I think it depends if you want the counselling/group side of things- if so then Lighter Life was fab for that and for keeping me on track. Cambridge is also good in that someone is sort of watching you so you feel an incentive not to cheat but the level of support depends very much on the counseller I think. Exante is also good but you have to be very self motivated and I lasted about 2 days because I knew no one would ever know if I didn't stick to it! I would avoid anything that is not complete meal replacement (things like slim fast are full of sugar and do not have enough nutrients in to completely replace meals). I actually found the break from food was good and made things easier psychologically so I preferred just having shakes and soups but if you want to have things which are more like food then that might alter your choice… It is so nice that the weight comes off fast- gives you a sort of kick start while you work out your long term plan and if your brain is in the right place to stick with it then I think it is awesome smile

ChowNowBrownCow Fri 15-May-15 09:37:18

I use a combination. Slim and save - I like the meals, tesco ultra slim- I love their shakes, and exante - bars and shakes, soups are ok. IMO they all have between 150- 200 calls per item and they are packed with nutrients. It gives me the variety I need to stick with it. I don't need a counsellor but have used the fantastic on line chat with slim and save, they are excellent. Good luck with your weight loss journey.

TwinkleSparkleBling Thu 14-May-15 22:41:49

Exante have a really good range, more like replacement "meals" than just shakes and are cheap. You have 3 packs but they are filling and larger by weight. People seem to lose more quickly with this (on facebook).

Slim and Save, you can have 4 packs not 3 (so better for evening munchies!) and their customer service is great. However, they are more limited in their packs and lean toward shakes/bars.

They both have great websites and facebook.

SunsetDreamer Thu 14-May-15 20:27:18

I always scorned them,... But you know what? Nothing else is working.

I want a kick start- I know I have t think long term for my diet, but I want some weight off!

I've heard a lot of positives about the Cambridge diet, but it's proven hard to find a consultant. I was wondering what else is out there!


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