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How to keep focused on weight loss when I'm constantly exhausted!

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squigglehead Mon 11-May-15 13:15:26

I was doing really well and had lost a stone of baby weight (I have a lot more than that to go, sadly). But for the past few weeks DS (7.5 months) has been teething and sleeping really badly.

I'm fucking shattered. Too tired to do anything other than sit and stare into space when he naps. Can't nap when he does as he'll only sleep in the pram or on the sofa during the day and I'd be scared to leave him either of those places with me not awake. When I'm this tired all I want is sugar. Constantly. I know logically that it'll only make it worse but I can't fight I because I don't have the fucking energy. Veeeery slowly I've gained back about half a kilo. I'm managing about one fast day a week (have been doing 5:2 in theory...) where I lose the half kilo again. Then it goes back on. Ahrg.

How can I get myself refocused? I'm thinking a walk every day might be easier than an exercise DVD and perk me up a bit. But dear god. I'm so fed up of being fat but all I want to do at the moment is sleeeeeeep. How do other women with small children do this/lose weight? I'm dying here!

Forgive me for a post that's mostly a moan grin

helenahandbag Mon 11-May-15 13:18:17

Don't stress yourself out right now - you created a human a few months ago! It sounds like you're doing a good job of maintaining your weight so maybe you should focus on that for now. Keep doing what you're doing and things with the baby will get easier, at which point you can up your efforts on the weight loss front.

Some things aren't worth making yourself ill over! Losing weight is so unbelievably hard and draining at the best of times flowers

happygirl87 Mon 11-May-15 13:20:24

It sounds like you are doing amazingly! What helps me is protein- have cheese, cold chicken or hard boiled egg instead of sugary snacks flowers

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