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Planning to lose 2 to 2 1/2 stone anyone else want to join me?

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ByeByeButterfly Sun 10-May-15 15:25:10

Hello all smile

I have seen many topics similar to this one but there was so many already I felt a little swamped so I wanted to start my own in hope it would motivate me to well, eat less bad things and exercise more!

I am 5ft and weigh 12st.

I want to be around 9 1/2 to 10st.

I would at least like to lose a stone in 3 months as I'm getting married.

Anyone with specific recommendations of certain foods to eat/not eat, certain exercises to do etc please do feel free to share.

Tomorrow I am starting to eat more healthier. Plenty of chicken and eggs for me. I think one of my biggest problems is I love carbs. I also weigh a lot so exercise tires me out quicker than if I weighed less as I sweat more.

I hope someone else will share the journey with me so I don't feel so huge and yucky!

Thanks for reading this anyways smile

CarpeJugulum Sun 10-May-15 15:34:46

Are you me?! I'm moving in a month to a warmer part of the country and I'd like to be able to wear scrappy tops without feeling like my stomach is sticking out making me look pregnant!

And yes to the carb love! blush

Okay, I'm in!

Mamama31 Sun 10-May-15 18:49:04

Hi bye and carp!

I am also planning to change my life starting tomorrow. I am 5 ft 2 and weight around 11stone 3lbs but could be a little heavier as I have eaten my own body weight in rubbish over the last 2 wks and can't even bear to weight myself again yet.

I was doing really well with weight loss and exercise until a couple of months ago when I fell pregnant, unfortunately I had a miscarriage almost 3 weeks ago and have been comfort eating in the sense that I couldn't face a healthy diet when I already felt so rubbish...I just wanted nice, yummy comfort foods and we have treated ourselves to lots of bad foods.

But tomorrow is a new day. I am not happy with my body and I am hoping to book a sunny hol for end of July so I really need to lose over a stone at least, by then!

I am going to go for high protein, low calorie and low carb as much as possible. Any carbs I eat will be small portions and brown ie brown bread/pasta/rice. I am also going to resume my exercise regime consisting of jogging/walking and exercise dvd's.

Let's do this girls, we need to motivate eachother and do a weekly weigh in! What do you think?

And if we have bad days, we come on here and be honest about it so that we can get eachother back on track! That sound ok?

inthesticks14 Sun 10-May-15 19:10:11

I would love to join to. I am 5 4" and 14st 3lb and trying unsuccessfully to conceive. I was 11st 2lb last year but have just piled on weight in the last year. Going to try following the slimming world plan at home so fingers crossed.

Writemove Sun 10-May-15 19:27:58

I'm 5ft 4 and three weeks ago I was 12st 3lb. I'd like to be around 10st 9lb (well, is like to be a lot less but I think that's realistic!)

I started doing couch to 5k and lost 2lb without altering my diet. it inspired me to start watching calories so I'm doing my fitness pal and trying to stay below 1500. It's hard and I realise how much I've been overeating.

I did sliming world before I conceived about three years ago and loved it but it's too stressful making all the meals from scratch with an 18 month old and working full time.

I definitely need support. I'm so hungry! I'm off for my week three run in 30 minutes.

Writemove Sun 10-May-15 19:31:14

Mamama31 - I did the same after my mmc. I ate and ate and ate. So sorry to hear your news.

I didn't get a chance to lose the weight before I conceived. Then I ate for two, then lost quite a bit bf and had a flattish tummy but since then I've put on 10lb eating rubbish to stop the tiredness and because I feel I 'deserve' it.

ByeByeButterfly Sun 10-May-15 19:51:13

Welcome Carpe

I'm so sorry for your loss Mamama but it's great to be proactive and make yourself feel better about your body and hopefully your mind too.

Welcome too inthe - I too will be trying to conceive soon and I want to make sure I am not too high on the BMI scale as don't want to risk pre eclampsia again and gestational diabetes.

MicrochipsAndMemories Sun 10-May-15 19:57:01

Can I join?

I am 5"2 and last week I weighed 173.8lbs (12 stone 5)

I am planning on cutting back on starchy carbs, I've been eating way too much bread and rice recently and I don't miss it when it's gone so that should be easy for me. I plan on eating higher protein and veg in my meals.
I'm not going to count calories straight away because I find that doing so makes me think about food ALL the time and I also end up thinking "Oh I've got 200 calories left, what should I eat?" instead of just eating if I'm hungry.

I have a Fitbit and plan on upping my steps again. I also have a 12 month old, a Littlelife carrier and a VERY steep hill nearby that I plan to walk up every day, when it's not raining.

Are we going to weigh in every Monday?

Good luck everyone!

CarpeJugulum Sun 10-May-15 20:35:10

I have no gallbladder so I sort of use that as an excuse to eat carbs rather than fruit/veg as too many upset my stomach.

Actually, I just need to eat less... of everything! blush

Will weigh in tomorrow!

Mamama31 Sun 10-May-15 20:36:34

Hi ladies. Thank you for your kind words. I am moving forward and feel ready to tackle my diet now, and I know I always feel better when I'm exercising and eating properly.

I am happy to weigh in every Monday, might make me eat better over the wkends! Maybe we should weigh ourselves tomorrow and post our stats to kick it off. Then we will be on our way to fit and healthy smile we can do this!!!!

wheresthelight Sun 10-May-15 20:39:57

Can I join in please, I am 5'3" and fluctuate between 14.5 & 15.5 stone depending on time of the month but since I had the coil fitted I have put on but cannot seem to shift it sad

I suffer hyperinsulinemia so I can't cut out carbs completely or my sugar levels go haywire so am trying to swap for whole grain pastas and rice as well as smaller portion controls and more fresh salad and fruit

I am awful at exercise as I get so bored and demotivated but have committed to myself to get out on my bike and get the Wii fit hooked up

sometimessunshine Sun 10-May-15 20:41:46

Good luck everyone, I started 6 weeks ago and have lost 20lbs. I have been using MFP to calculate my calories and I've been eating between 1000-1200 calories a day. I've still got got 1 1/2 stone left to lose so could I join too please? Weekly weigh in sounds good.

weebarra Sun 10-May-15 20:43:22

Can I join? I'm 5ft and weigh about 12 stone. I had breast cancer last year so was eating whatever I wanted, not a great idea! The drugs I'm on now also make me hungry. I eat too much (esp carbs) and drink too much. We have a holiday and my SILs wedding in 8 weeks, I need to lose at least a bit by then!

chocolateyy Sun 10-May-15 21:15:16

I'm in too please. I'm 5ft, and was 11st 9.5 2 weeks ago.

I've got down to 11st 5, but I've eaten terribly all weekend.

I'm going on holiday in the summer, and I'm concerned if I wear a black swimsuit, that I will be harpooned.

ByeByeButterfly Sun 10-May-15 21:17:17

Where I know what you mean wholemeal bread and brown pasta supposed to be good for you. Not sure how true it is but heard on TV reheated pasta is less carb-y so you put on less weight.

I find listening to music takes the boredom does out of exercise.

Monday weigh-ins a good idea smile

Feel free to post meal plans or exercise plans and their results if you like smile

Welcome to everyone - the more the merrier.

Purpletoes Sun 10-May-15 21:27:52


Can I join in too? I am 5ft 2 and currently weighing 12 St 1. I had my 2nd lo 11 weeks ago and bf but have manage to put in 7lbs by eating what I like it choc and rubbish.

I have booked myself in for a 10k in September so going to slowly train for it and watch what I eat.

Happy to do weigh in on a Monday.

wheresthelight Sun 10-May-15 21:37:54

Shame reheating stuff makes it taste like shite!

I am really hoping the weight loss kicks in and I can stay focused!

midnight1983 Sun 10-May-15 22:43:51

Hello, would like to join in please! Looking for encouragement �� I'm 5'5 and weigh 12.4 stone atm. I'm using MFP to calorie count and started couch to 5k, but have had to stop for a while as I injured my knees. Hoping to start again next month but I do a lot of walking. I'm hoping to lose at least the 2 stone I gained during pregnancy ( I have a one year old) but maybe 3...I think a weigh in is a great idea! I'm keen not to get too obsessed but weigh ins are motivating. Good luck everyone!

Twooter Sun 10-May-15 22:50:29

Me too. Weigh 80kg and need to lose 5kg ion the next 3 months for a big bike ride. I'm 5'9 and do a fair bit of exercise already but still
Manage to eat more than I can burn. I'vectried so many times in the past but have to do it this time. I'll also try restricted carbs - possibly to the night/orning before a big bike ride.

Writemove Mon 11-May-15 07:30:56

Weighing in Day.
What a great idea.
I'm 5ft 4
Weight on 21/4 was 12st 2lb
Weight today 11st 11lb

5lb down with couch 2 5k and mfp (which i started five days ago).
Feeling more motivated after a weekend of deprivation.

spencermoon Mon 11-May-15 08:40:31

Hi everyone. Can I join in too? I seriously need some motivation!
I'm 5,4 and weigh 11 stone 1 at the mo. I really need to cut out the chocolate and cut down on carbs. Have been justifying everything with breastfeeding but that excuse is starting to wear a bit thin! blush
I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks so would be great to lose a stone by then.

MicrochipsAndMemories Mon 11-May-15 08:41:26

writemove Well done. that's a great loss!

Last week 173.8lbs
This week 172.2lbs

Not a massive loss but considering I wasn't really dieting I'll take it grin

Mrsboathook Mon 11-May-15 09:08:27

Can I join too please!
Am 5"6 and 3 weeks ago was 93.1 kg (in the region of 13.5 stone I think). Have a 2.5 yo and 14 wo who is mostly bf. Started MFP 3 weeks ago, sticking to 1700-1800 calories a day and trying to massively up the walking, especially while carrying 16lb child!

Today's weigh in 79kg but we had a dreadful night and dh has just returned home with croissants....

Aiming to get to 67kg if I can resist the call of the baked goods!

Purpletoes Mon 11-May-15 09:39:50

Ok so here is my weigh in
Height 157.5cm
77.7kg today

I would ideally like to get down to 60kg.
I am going to start on mfp just as I think noting everything down will make me think about what I am putting in my mouth especially as I have the I am bf so can eat whatever mentality! grin
I also did my first run/walk session last night!
Good luck everyone.

Mrsboathook Mon 11-May-15 09:43:16

Sorry, obvious typo in my post. Starting weight 83 not 93kg- 14kg weight loss in weeks would be impossible and I imagine very bad for you!

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