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Mumsnet Mamas Week 18

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Demented Fri 30-Apr-04 18:38:57

Week 18, we all remain keen!

Hulababy Fri 30-Apr-04 18:40:00

Still determined!I want to lose about 7.5 pounds more so working hard

gothicmama Sat 01-May-04 13:40:14

on to points this week but a bit confused for cereal is the points for the cereal + points for milk = total breakfast points

Hulababy Sat 01-May-04 13:42:41

The points given for the cereals is JUST for the dry cereals only. You need to add on points for milk (or come from your milk alloweance for day) and sugar, if any.

gothicmama Sat 01-May-04 14:08:42

Thanks I thought so

juniper68 Sat 01-May-04 14:45:07

I want to lose another stone so will have to get exercising. I've been really good with my food, eating low fat and saying no to treats but still having the odd one but it's coming off slowly. But then again DH once lost 4 stone with Slimming world really fast and put it all back on so maybe it's better to come off slow?

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:14:04

me too Hula - race you!

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:15:31

Hula, I have just seen last weeks results, I can't believe you are counting in 1/4 pounds now!!!

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:16:37

better slow juniper, I think
When I lose half or one pound, like this week, its cos I have driven everywhere
When I lose 2 or 3 pounds, its in the weeks where I have grabbed the pushchair and walked all over

Demented Wed 05-May-04 14:57:54


How is everyone feeling this week?

I have this bad habit of stepping on the scales every morning and was horrified to find out that I was 3lbs heavier today than yesterday so hoping that rectifies itself.

roisin Wed 05-May-04 22:03:12

Can I join please? Dh is doing Weightwatchers, and cos I need to lose some too I'm going to try and support him. (But how come he gets to have almost twice as many points as me? )

What do I have to do to join in Demented?

Lisa78 Wed 05-May-04 22:05:01

stop getting weighed every day madam, you know you shouldn't!

Hey everyone, Iceland have a deal on Slimfast meals - 2 for 1 (£1.99). They are 5 or 6 points each and more substantial than the weighwatchers ones, very nice too, and keep you full for a while!

MadameButterfly Thu 06-May-04 07:33:53

I have put on 4lbs since I last posted.


Heathcliffscathy Thu 06-May-04 10:05:17

mb, it is so so worth getting back on track, you know that once you start to lose again, you will start feeling better and then start eating less...just need one big push to get you on the downward scales path...come on, you can do it, you've done it before!!!!

Demented Thu 06-May-04 14:31:46

roisin, if you mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, target weight if any, then all you do is mail me each Thursday with your loss and it will be announced on Friday night. We celebrate milestone losses and aim (collectively) to provide motivation and recipes. All the best!

Lisa, I know, I know I'm very naughty! I wouldn't advise it myself!

MadamButterfly (JanHR?) would it help to make a fresh start? If you do mail me with your new weight as a starting weight. Are you following a particular diet? I could send you a copy of the WW points that are doing the rounds if that would help, I only have them on Excel if that would be any use to you?

MadameButterfly Thu 06-May-04 14:36:55

Demented,(yes I am JanHR) I emailed you my weight this morning..

Could you possibly send me the points list you have (excel is fine).

I have a WW points guide, but it is a few years old now, so hopefully the list you have has some new items on it.

Thank you.

pollyanna Thu 06-May-04 20:10:15

demented, I have e-mailed you my meagre weight loss (none last week). Will have to stop picking food off my children's plates.

Anyway I'm pregnant now (unplanned!) - I think that you can't do weightwatchers if you're pregnant - is this right does anyone know?

Hulababy Thu 06-May-04 20:19:49

Demented - my e-mail to you has just bounced back to me I lost 2 1/4 pounds this week. So now I am 8 stone 12, and have total weight loss of 1 stone 1lbs since starting 18 weeks ago

Demented Thu 06-May-04 23:51:44

Hula, I am with Virgin and they are cracking down on spam just now, on the whole it has been good but we have had the odd missing mail etc, I wonder if your mail has fallen foul of Virgin anti-spam. I will put your details on the spreadsheet though.

pollyanna, congratulations on your pregnancy! Don't know whether you can do WW when pg or not, but even if you can't I don't suppose there would be any harm in eating sensibly/damage limitation (says she who ate like a pig through preganancy and b/feeding )!!!

Hulababy Fri 07-May-04 08:09:16

Congratulations pollyanna.

MadameButterfly Fri 07-May-04 08:34:17

Congratulations Polyanna

Kittypickle Fri 07-May-04 08:44:23

Congratulations Pollyanna ! I think if you are already a WW member then you can continue until 12 weeks if that's any help

juniper68 Fri 07-May-04 09:05:03

Congratulations pollyanna

Lisa78 Fri 07-May-04 09:24:35

Congratulations Pollyanna! When are you due?

Demented Sat 08-May-04 21:58:07

Sorry I know I am very late with the announcement! (nobody noticed??? boo hoo, nobody loves me !!! )

I was at a wedding reception last night and was convinced I would have time to do the announcement before I left but failed miserably. Just give me a few minutes and I will be back with the announcement.

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