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healthy eating at long weekend family gathering

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Toowittoowoo Fri 01-May-15 08:03:53

Going to the inlaws this weekend where they have planned and Indian takeaway, very white carbs heavy party food e.g. quiche and cheese sandwiches as well as the inevitable pasta - pesto type evening meals and roast dinner on Sunday.

How do I deal with this without undoing all of my hardwork?

bookbag40 Fri 01-May-15 08:30:02

For the Indian have a starter size chicken tikka which is grilled with salad and plain boiled rice ( you can prob treat yourself to 1 popadom with some mango chutney )
For the buffet fill up with salad and just have one slice of quiche.
With the roast make sure it is veg heavy get some lean cuts of meat and you could pop a jacket potato in the oven while it's all cooking instead of roasties!

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