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Trying to lose 1 lb per week

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Undefined Thu 23-Apr-15 14:02:31

I'm currently 15 st 10 lb at 5'7" and want to lose a pound each week until I get down to my goal weight of 10 st. I know I have a long, long journey but I want to do it slowly because I have a history a yo-yo dieting. I have previously gained and lost 5 stone in a year (not the same year) and I don't want to be doing that for the rest of my life. I'm quite happy to lose a pound a week and be a couple of stone lighter in 6 months time.

My stats are:

Starting Weight: 15 st 11 lb
Current Weight: 15 st 10 lb
Short term goal: 15 st 7 lb
Long term goal: 10 st 0 lb

Weigh in day is Tuesday.

Anyone want to join me?

JaneFonda Thu 23-Apr-15 23:07:13

That's fab, it's so great that you've got a sensible attitude to it, and it'll be really sustainable.

I'd imagine with your starting weight, that you might lose slightly more than 1lb a week at first, but time will tell!

I'm currently logging all of my food with My Fitness Pal which I find very useful - there are lots of hidden calories that you wouldn't think of otherwise. To lose 1lb a week, you only need a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, which is definitely achievable just from cutting out snacking or choosing healthier options.

Best of luck! smile

Clareyfairy89 Sun 26-Apr-15 14:18:16

I will!!
I'm 5 foot 10 and the same weight. I didn't realise how big I'd got until the other day I saw myself in a lift with mirrors on 3 walls shock what a shock. I was supposed to be skinny this summer (according to last summer) but that's not happening.
today I've added the stepometer to my phone and bought a nutribullet, hoping to have one everyday for breakfast to add to my non existent 5 a day. what are your plans x

Flovblov Sun 26-Apr-15 17:02:40

Slow and steady it has to be for me too, so yes please I would like to join. I used to yo-yo but now i just fail to start. Had a massive blow out on Friday so this would suit me with others doing it too. I'm 5'2" presently. Oh boy, 13st 10 and want to aim for 10 st. Will report back on Tuesday.

themumfairy Sun 26-Apr-15 19:22:58

Tuesday it is smile what time does everyone weigh themselves x

Foxongiraffe Sun 26-Apr-15 20:10:30

Please can I join? I am 86kg and trying to lose 1lb per week consistently. I weigh myself every Tuesday morning. First thing. I have just joined the gym and have cut out evening carbs and snacks. Need to lose 20kg so that is 40 weeks approx.

Flovblov Sun 26-Apr-15 23:52:38

themumfairy I usually weigh first thing, before breakfast.

Undefined Mon 27-Apr-15 00:07:33

Oh, how lovely to have a few of us onboard. Foxon of course you can join us, everybody is welcome smile

Jane thanks for the good luck wish. I went to the website and I apparently joined it 4 years ago and had made a profile and everything. Sad thing is, I was 2 stone lighter back then.

Anyway, as for what I'm doing to lose weight:

Weigh myself daily
Pay attention to what I'm eating
Doing nice things for myself - soak in the bath, haircut, body lotion, fresh fruit, fresh air etc.

So, nothing drastic, but I'm sure I'll have to step up the effort as I get further along.

The reason I'm trying to do it so slowly is I have no real idea how much I need to eat to lose/maintain/gain weight. I'm almost 40 and I've been on a starve/binge cycle ever since my teens.

Weigh in whatever day and time suits you. I'm sticking with Tuesdays, first thing after getting up.

Good luck everyone.

Flovblov Mon 27-Apr-15 21:04:00

Can i ask why you are weighing every day OP? I tried that once but was so up and down it didn't help because whenever I went up quite a bit I binged or starved depending how annoyed (to put it politely!) I was with myself.

Foxongiraffe Mon 27-Apr-15 21:40:00

Thank you Undefined. Will post weight in the morn. 2 weeks ago i was 86kg. Then 85.2kg. Target is 84.5kg. Good luck everyone!

Undefined Tue 28-Apr-15 05:15:10

I do Wii Fit Flovblov and it tells you off if you miss a day grin

I lost 2 lb this week, very happy with that.

New stats are:

Starting weight: 15 st 11 lb
Current Weight: 15 st 8 lb
Short term goal: 15 st 7 lb
Long term goal: 10 st 0 lb

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else did.

Foxongiraffe Tue 28-Apr-15 06:21:59

Well done, great! I am exactly 84.5! Target reached this week. Target of 84 next week. Slow and steady!

Undefined Tue 28-Apr-15 07:05:30

Great stuff Fox.

Flovblov Tue 28-Apr-15 07:42:54

Sadly ONE &QUARTER pounds on! I know why though and did try rest of day. As IOnly started Sunday-ish after seeing this I will make sure one pound is off by next Tuesday. sad IKnow no-one but me put the food in my mouth. Hope everyone else done better Well Done undefined fox

Flovblov Tue 28-Apr-15 07:43:27

Undefined and fox that is.

ToastMakesMeHappy Tue 28-Apr-15 08:03:27

Hi guys, I'm in! Lost 1lb last week and really hoping for another this week. Eating less and making healthier choices. Hoping to fit some walking in this week too. I was weighing on Fridays but can change to Tuesdays.
15.1 this morning.. I will be exstatic to get back into the 14s..

themumfairy Tue 28-Apr-15 08:50:17

exactly the same. I didn't start till Sunday so wasn't expecting a miracle so I'm happy that it's not a gain. seeded brown toast and a nutribullet creation for breakfast. We'll dine ladies x

Foxongiraffe Tue 28-Apr-15 18:46:29

Hello everyone - don't worry flovblov - tomorrow is another day. Just stay positive. Well done toast and themum. Had tinned tomato soup for lunch and realised it is absolutely full of sugar. Grr. Need to make some nice soups to take ti work

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 28-Apr-15 18:50:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Undefined Wed 29-Apr-15 00:31:20

Well done Toast. Fairy and Flov you're both in the same boat having just started on Sunday. Fingers crossed for a big drop next week.

I spent a couple of hours down the allotment this evening and feel really good for getting the fresh air and working up a bit of a sweat. DP did most of the digging but I did have a go for a few minutes - it was bloody hard work!

Once I get round to harvesting I'm going to get a nutribullet too!

ToastMakesMeHappy Wed 29-Apr-15 07:39:26

That sounds lovely spending time at an allotment. I am going to take the dogs and DD for a long walk today. Pushing the pushchair round a field is a workout for me. Hope everyone is feeling focused today? I'm hoping to have zero snacks today. Goodbye tea and biscuits blush

Foxongiraffe Thu 30-Apr-15 09:03:42

Hi all, allotment sounds lovely although I seem to kill all plants that I touch so maybe not! Avoiding snacks too - all I want is a healthy relationship with food - no over eating, or eating when not hungry, or secret eating, or stupid diets which I can't continue. Just a simple three meals a day and the odd gin!

ToastMakesMeHappy Thu 30-Apr-15 10:10:25

Me too! I do all the things you've mentioned, plus emotional eating. And routine, I somehow got into the routine of eating a family bag of sharing crisps on a Saturday evening infront of the TV. How bad is that, feel terrible now I've said it outloud, well typed.

Kraggle Thu 30-Apr-15 10:17:26

Hi everyone, room for another (large) one?! I started changing the way I eat this week, mostly trying to cut down on carbs and portion sizes.

I think I am the heaviest and the shortest! 5ft 4 and 108.08kg blush

I have started logging things on my fitness pal and I'm taking it slowly. Not sure what weight I want to get down to but I want to be a clothes size 14-16 instead of an 18-20 if I can.

Foxongiraffe Thu 30-Apr-15 11:58:15

I forgot emotional eating! That too! Hello Kraggle - really similar approach - lower carbs and smaller portions. And no guilt if we fall off the wagon, we beat ourselves up about this too much as it is!. If we have a bad day let's try to forget and move on

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