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Gastric sleeve op 4 weeks tomorrow. Anyone had one?

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Germgirl Mon 13-Apr-15 11:32:40

Just that really. I'm having a gastric band removal and sleeve gastrectomy op in a months time, has anyone had similar?
I'm seeing my surgeon on Thursday to discuss the pre-op period, I've read various things, some saying I'll need to go on a liquid diet for 2 weeks pre-op, some saying low carb but not liquid. Need to sort out exactly what I need to do.
I'm very scared of surgery but it needs to be done. I'd love to hear from anyone else who's had it done or is going to have it done.

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EggInABap Thu 16-Apr-15 10:13:48

I haven't had it but my auntie did last year, she looks amazing and is now a size 8 and maintaining it. She is thrilled with it, she had struggled her whole life with her weight.

She did say that when she first had the op that she really struggled to eat ANYTHING but you really have to force yourself to keep your calories up so you don't lose too much too quickly and get the dreaded loose skin.

Good luck with your op!

Germgirl Thu 16-Apr-15 10:30:36

Thank you smile I'm glad your aunt is doing well.
I fully expect to get the sagging skin, my surgeon has already told me it's inevitable, I carry all my weight at the front, I've got a small flat bum, relatively thin legs & a massive (MASSIVE!!) stomach, so saggy skin is going to happen.
I'll never be a size 8, I'd be happy, nay ecstatic, with size 16 (I'm 30/32 at the moment).
I've ordered some protein drinks as I've heard it's sometimes difficult to eat in the few months after the op. Protein is the most important thing to eat so the protein drinks are a good idea apparently.
I've got my pre-op appointment this afternoon. I'm scared but a bit excited too. Hopefully it'll be the start of my new life.
I've always said that I just want to be able to fit on planes and fairground rides and but my knickers in sainsburys like other people can. Hopefully I'll be able to do that afterwards.

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EggInABap Fri 17-Apr-15 10:49:25

Sounds like it will really change your life, good luck with the op!

Germgirl Fri 17-Apr-15 12:25:33

Thank you.

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Pandoraperoxide Sat 23-May-15 16:37:27

I was sleeved 02/11/14! 5 stone down and now 19w preggers! How you getting on?!

Moondigger Thu 06-Apr-17 09:12:45

I am thinking of having a gastric sleeve is the. THG any good. Any recommendations?

Thank you so much.

Magpiemagpie Thu 20-Apr-17 21:31:07

Ive had one done last year abroad I actually didn't need to loose that much weight 3/4 stone but I paid privately ( 1/4 of the UK price ) and ive lost just short of four stone in six months and I have no saggy skin at all
My weight has stayed stable since reaching my goal and I am over the moon with it
My BMI was only 32 it's now 23/22
My nephew recently had it done as well
He was 24 stone lost a stone pre op & has lost almost 3 stone post op in two months
The weirdest thing is not feeling hungry
I found Atkins protien shakes to be the best for me both pre op / post op
I was only on a clear liquid diet for 3 days no actual pre op diet
My nephew had two weeks pre op diet & 3 days liquid
On his pre op he had lots off eggs / protien cheese

My fav post op soft food is quiches

Good luck op it's life changing

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