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The ultimate motivation. It's now or never....anyone else have 10st + to lose?

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Buxtonstill Fri 10-Apr-15 14:07:06

Today I started on my weight loss journey. I simply can't fail as yesterday I splashed out on a 3d model of myself. I have 10 stones to lose, so I wanted to make a reminder of how big I am now, and how others see me from all angles. It should be delivered in 10 days.

It cost quite a bit, but I have booked an appointment to have another one done in 6 months time (and then in a year).
It's now or never.

Would Anyone on here have a large amount to lose would benefit from joining this thread and checking in?

40thisisit Fri 10-Apr-15 22:37:24

hi well done for doing this, what strategies do you have? thanks thanks thanks thanks

laughingcow13 Sat 11-Apr-15 08:56:37

hi. I have 8 stones to lose . I am 47 and have no health problems at the moment but I fear I soon will have if I don't take drastic action
I am doing calorie CV counting with the netdiary app.I started a week ago a x have lost 5lb.

laughingcow13 Sat 11-Apr-15 08:57:43

calorie counting don't know where the CV came from

Buxtonstill Sat 11-Apr-15 09:12:48

I am following the weight watchers diet. It is motivating because you have a phone app, and have to enter everything you eat, and also a weekly weight record. It doesn't forbid you from having any foods which is good for me. If I totally deny myself something, that's when I will crack. You can also have unlimited veg and fruit, which I love.
I have type 2 diabetes, so really have to live healthily. Good luck to all of you starting out. We can do this!

laughingcow13 Sun 19-Apr-15 16:36:16

How is it going Buxton? I am 2 weeks in and chuffed with 9.6lb weight loss!
have been trying to build a bit more walking into my life eg parking a bit further from work, walking on a lunchtime etc.I am on 1200 calories a day and finding it quite easy most days

laughingcow13 Sun 19-Apr-15 16:37:19

What is teh 3D model made out of? I have never heard of this before, I am intrigued!

Buxtonstill Sun 19-Apr-15 22:14:28

I have lost 2 lbs this week. Not bad for a bad pmt week! The models are made of a kind of resin. The company was or Google 3d models Asda, as they do it in selected branches.

Buxtonstill Sun 19-Apr-15 22:21:22

9.6 lb is brilliant! I bet you are well chuffed .

laughingcow13 Wed 22-Apr-15 21:42:48

I was well chuffed until I weighed myself yesterdayis morning and was 2.5lbs heavier! Period just started , not usually too painfulbut had the most horrible cramps all day. I have just t started a new job and couldn't find any paracetamol in my bag.Ended up having a really really bad day foodwise.Just have to make sure that one a bad day doesn't turn into 2 shock wink
Well done on your weight loss!! 2lbs off is great!

SoonToBeMrsB Wed 22-Apr-15 22:20:57

I was almost 16st a couple of years ago with a goal weight of 9st 7lbs. I got down to 12st odds with Weight Watchers but a combination of a new job in a new city, moving in with DP and too many dinners/holidays saw me back at 15st at new year. I'm now almost a stone lighter and doing the 5:2 diet to combat my binges.

Well done on taking the first step, it's hard but you can do it.

MagpieCursedTea Thu 23-Apr-15 10:56:26

I've got quite a bit to lose. I was 23st but got down to 17st. I'm now creeping back up, haven't weighed myself but think I'm heading towards 19st.
I don't have any diet in mind. I'm just trying to get in control of the binge eating.

Buxtonstill Thu 23-Apr-15 15:22:26

Thanks for being so honest everyone. I'm struggling a little, just waiting for my model to be delivered. Hope that gives me a real kick up my fat ass, and encourages me!

MagpieCursedTea Thu 23-Apr-15 16:27:45

I think getting the model done is a really interesting idea, especially a progress monitoring. Let us know how it goes when it arrives!

liveloveluggage Thu 23-Apr-15 16:44:26

Good luck OP, my dsis has recently lost 9 stone and is trying to lose 2 more to reach her goal weight. She did it in about year following the every other day fasting diet. Its not easy but if you are determined and feeling strong and motivated you can do it. It helped my dsis that she liked her diet once she got used to it and she quite enjoyed following it (most of the time). She says she will keep up the fasting for life adjusted to maintain weight. I am not saying you should do that diet, but I think it helps if you like the diet and it suits you and your life.

laughingcow13 Mon 04-May-15 11:14:56

Hi Buxton! has your model arrived yet?
Not such a good week here, I am afraid.Stuck to it quite well but been away this weekend and although I haven't gone mad, I haven't been calorie counting religiously.However we have been walking for at least 6 hours each day so though I might see a good drop, but no! Have been stuck at the same weight for about a week now so guess I have hit the dreaded slimmer's plateau.I haven't been drinking much though , so I will really up my water intake and see it this makes a difference!

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