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Not a diet but a healthy change...

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Joycey29 Fri 10-Apr-15 08:36:33

Have recently let half a stone creep on (reckon due to the pill) and want to lose it over the next 6 weeks!
No drastic diet plan as such as want to keep it off! Anyone want to join me in my six week journey???grin

Joycey29 Fri 10-Apr-15 08:38:45

Start weight 10st 4lb
Target weight 9st 10lb

Bring it on! grin

Penguinotterfoxbadger Fri 10-Apr-15 09:45:56

Yes please! I really don't want to go on a diet as I've had eating/body image problems before, but I've also put on weight over the last year or so (about a stone), have developed a genuine "tummy" and want to loose at least some of it before the summer - actually the same amount as you Joycey!

Current weight 10st 4lb
Target after 6 weeks 9st 10lb

Plan is to cut down on alcohol (this will be the hardest bit for me!), avoid emotional binges, avoid evening time grazing and eat healthy meals. I already do a fair bit of exercise so I will try to keep that up.

Joycey29 Fri 10-Apr-15 16:10:28

Penguin - you read my mind - the alcohol and emotional binges are certainly something to keep an eye on! I only have a glass or two a couple of times a week but reckon it's not helping!

Penguinotterfoxbadger Fri 10-Apr-15 22:36:30

It's bloody difficult though, isn't it? I actually think it would be easier to go on a really hardcore diet but I really don't want to do that. I need to get off the diet treadmill and make sustainable changes.

Oh, and I forgot one of my intentions - drink more water! I usually just drink sugar free pop, which I think messes with insulin production..

Penguinotterfoxbadger Sat 11-Apr-15 08:12:02

So how was the first day of your healthy change, Joycey?

Mine was by no means perfect, but wasn't a disaster either.

5 mile run

Breakfast : mini salmon & avocado roll
Lunch : prawn sandwich, lentil crisps
Dinner :goats cheese and roasted veg panini, popcorn
Supper : prawn salad
(waaay too much bread! But no extra snacks smile)

Lots of tea & coffee (no sweeteners), around 1.5l water smile, coconut water, a bit of sf pop.

Fell down on the alcohol front and had 2 drinks when I got home... Didn't finish work till 10pm and I find it incredibly difficult to "switch off" (or is this just an excuse?!)

Onwards and upwards!

Penguinotterfoxbadger Sat 11-Apr-15 08:13:31

Oh, and I weighed myself this morning and I'm actually 10st 2lb so will use this as my starting weight. Still aiming for 9st 10lb.

Joycey29 Sat 11-Apr-15 14:35:56

Did really well all day .... Porridge, smoothie, prawn salad for lunch

Then ate a full on three course meal with delicious pud! Ooopps! shock

Only one glass of wine though as driving!

Today has been better -
Banana for breakfast
And soup for lunch

Has downloaded my fitness pal to help track and am now going to keep an eye on what tips me over .....

Watch this space! wine

bangersmashandbeans Sat 11-Apr-15 14:55:16

May I join you? Easter holidays has allowed half a stone to pile on (plus was carrying a bit too much before)
Current weight 10st
Target weight 9st 6lbs
Hardly been to the gym at all over the holidays so need to get back to it next week!

Joycey29 Sat 11-Apr-15 17:42:38

Welcome Bangers!
We are all about that half stone that crept on here! No mad diets but subtle lifestyle changes where we can enjoy life without ballooning!
About to swim to earn my glass of wine! grin

bangersmashandbeans Sat 11-Apr-15 20:03:04

I'll be honest and admit I'm not starting till Monday but am entirely determined! Big fan of my fitness pal so will be using that. Just need to stop finishing off the kids tea, stay away from the left over Easter chocolate and only drink wine when the kids have been particularly hard work!!

Joycey29 Sat 11-Apr-15 23:01:51

Ex was two hour late with kids - no explanation.
Was dutifully excited about their amazing day at Longleat Safari, but felt I had earned a glass or three! hmm

Twinklestar2 Sat 11-Apr-15 23:32:31

Can I please join? I lost half a stone this year and then 5lbs crept on due to taking my eye off the ball and then Easter! Will post my start weight tomorrow. grin

Twinklestar2 Sun 12-Apr-15 06:30:57

Utterly annoyed with myself. Was only 5.5lbs from my goal; now I'm 10lbs away! Start weight 10st 10. Goal is 10st.

Will post my menu later.

SpottyTeacakes Sun 12-Apr-15 06:36:22

Oh I'm in! I really need this thread. I've put on a stone in the last year blush I think due to depo injection so I'm stopping that too!

I'm diabetic too so really need to stop my chocolate binges!

Start weight 9st
Goal weight 8st 3lb


Breakfast: (nothing as the food shopping was late angry)
Lunch: home made parsnip soup with some mink breadsticks and strawberries
Dinner: med veg and feta tostada. Raspberries, blueberries, greek yoghurt and honey.

I worked out this came in just under 1300 cals including my two coffees.

The thing I'm really trying to stop is snacks especially in the evening.

Penguinotterfoxbadger Sun 12-Apr-15 09:39:46

Welcome Bangers, Twinkle and Spotty!

So yesterday didn't exactly go to plan.. Was fine until I got home from work at 11pm (salmon roll for breakfast, big salads with veggies, protein and grains and a packet of vegetable crisps for both lunch and dinner, lots of water). I knew I would have a drink when I got home (does anyone have any tips for winding down after a stressful day without a glass of vino??) but then discovered that DP had gone uncharacteristically AWOL, so spent the next few hours swinging between hugely worried and rather pissed off (and consoling myself with food). This is EXACTLY what I don't want to do!

(he's fine Btw.. Although rather fragile this morning!)

SpottyTeacakes Sun 12-Apr-15 17:37:46

I'm not a drinker so can't help there. I really struggle with sweet cravings in the evening and after dinner. Right now all I want is chocolate! I also don't drink enough I've only had two cups of coffee today blush


Breakfast: blueberries greek yoghurt and honey
Snack: kids fruit bar 54cals
Lunch: salad of rocket, cucumber, red pepper, spring onions, celery, cherry tomatoes, feta, olives and small avocado
Dinner: home made five veg pasta sauce with quorn and two slices of garlic bread. No pasta, bit of cheddar.

Twinklestar2 Sun 12-Apr-15 18:09:07

My menu

Oatso simple and skimmed milk

Lunch was leftover cajun rice with chicken and vegetables

Dinner was roast pork dinner with a couple of Yorkshire puds - much smaller than what I would usually have!

We took our son out today and had a latte and shared a bag of crisps with my husband. I also had a alpen light cereal bar and a handful of grapes.

Will have a coffee tonight and that's it!

lucylou1977 Sun 12-Apr-15 19:37:18

Can I join you please? I'm in need of losing my remaining stone and a half of baby weight (baby is nearly 5 months old), although I'd be happy if I could just lose half a stone in the next 8 weeks in time for my holiday. I don't want to diet because I'm breastfeeding but I do want to get my eating under control because there have been far too many occasiond when I've eaten a whole packet of biscuits or family-size bar of choc!

I try to eat three good meals a day and save a small treat for the evening to stop me feeling deprived.

Today's food:

Breakfast - pain au chocolat and yogurt
Lunch - egg and cress sandwich on 2 sandwich thins, lentil crisps, cucumber, cherry toms and grapes
Dinner - roast chicken, roast pots, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peas, 2 small yorkshires, gravy
Also having a slice of banoffee cheesecake later on (obviously not exactly diet-friendly but one of the perks of breastfeeding!)

lucylou1977 Sun 12-Apr-15 19:40:44

Forgot to add my stats:
Start weight: 11st 5lbs
Mini goal: 10st 12 lbs

(I'm 5ft 4.)

SpottyTeacakes Sun 12-Apr-15 19:44:10

Lucy I can easily eat a whole big bar of chocolate too. I really want one right now mmmm I'm going to resist though.

VinoEsmeralda Sun 12-Apr-15 19:48:44

Can I join you too please?

Currently 70 kg
Goal 65kg
It's alcohol and crisps here that are the problem. Am going to drink a lot more water, alcohol only 2 days a week and try and exercise more!

Twinklestar2 Sun 12-Apr-15 21:44:18

I've failed hmm

Start again AGAIN tomorrow!

Problem is Easter holiday has got me too used to eating chocolate so I'm craving it. Any tips to combat this?

SpottyTeacakes Mon 13-Apr-15 05:51:26

I'm just going cold turkey with the chocolate but I feel your pain!

bangersmashandbeans Mon 13-Apr-15 06:35:41

Twinkle my 'cheats' when dieting are low cal hot chocolate (38 cals a mug) cheap ice lollies (eg sainsburys rainbow lollies are 47 cals each) and sprite zero. All feel like a sugary treat but actually have very few calories. I always want something sweet after dinner so those are my 'treats'. In place of crisps I buy those little bags of popcorn which are 78 cals.
Also if I know I'm going to have a manic day I enter a glass of wine in to my fitness pal first thing in the morning ready to be drunk in the evening without running out of calories if that makes sense!

In going to try and stick to 1200 cals a all starts now!

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