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Tesco Ultraslim (Like SlimFast)

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phoenixrose314 Thu 09-Apr-15 22:07:40

Hi guys!

Before you all rip me to shreds, I am well aware that the best way to lose weight is to eat right and exercise more. However I am finding this impossible for a number of reasons (I am sure you can relate), so thought I'd give the Tesco's own brand slimming shakes a try - the idea is I use them for a month or two to bring down my seemingly insatiable appetite, then with my new mindset begin healthy eating.

Has anybody else tried them? I'm on day two and find myself surprisingly full. Had a nice mushroom and ham salad for lunch but had shakes the other two meals and feel fine... hoping it keeps up!

OneTwoOrThree Fri 10-Apr-15 08:04:43

I'm following Exante which seems to be much the same idea. Today will be day five and although days 2 and 3 were really hard, I'm enjoying it so far. Unbelievably I feel a bit slimmer already. Good luck!!

SoonToBeMrsB Fri 10-Apr-15 18:15:41

I use the Ultraslim meal replacement as part of Exante. The Ultraslim shakes are more like Slim Fast, i.e. sugar bombs full of additives. If you're looking for a shake diet you should consider Exante/Cambridge/Slim and Save as they are lower in sugar and will keep you much fuller smile

laughingcow13 Sat 11-Apr-15 10:59:55

Just looked up the nutritional info for both Slimfast and Cambridge Chocolate shakes.they are virtually identical.

Interesting how clever marketing has given the above poster the idea that one is superior to the other!!!

phoenixrose314 Sat 11-Apr-15 14:32:21

I had already looked into all that - Cambridge is much more expensive, I can't afford that sadly. I'm doing well so far, but am out tonight for my friend's 30th so am likely to blow out a bit!

There are going to be additives in any "shake" mix, I just want to give my stomach a chance to shrink down and begin to expect smaller meals, end up feeling less hungry, etc, and then I will be able to forge on with eating healthy, small meals and leave the shakes behind.

Fingers crossed it works, I'm just so tired of seeing photos of myself and wanting to cry...

GaryBaldy Sat 11-Apr-15 14:38:58

Laughingcow I think the main difference is that Cambridge is lower in carbs overall so that ketosis stops people feeling hungry, so whilst the calorie content is the same, the protein / carb make up is different.

laughingcow13 Sat 11-Apr-15 14:55:39


For chocolate shakes.They are looking at different serving sizes but the ratios can be compared.

From SF website Total carb 1% protein 20%
From Cambridge website total carb 7.4g protein 7.5g

lifeinfife Mon 27-Jul-15 20:19:35

going to give the tesco ones a try I think... smile

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