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Anyone up for a 'eat a bit less, do a bit more' thread?

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librarycard Fri 03-Apr-15 21:16:25

Just got a new work skirt in a size 20 and it's too tight!! I am gutted. I got down to a lovely size 12 after dc4 and I've slowly gained and gained and here I am sad

While I was in hospital after DC4, I was moaning about how much weight I had to lose and a lovely midwife said, 'all you have to do, is eat a bit less and do a bit more, and you will lose weight', so that's what I did. I lost 4 stone ! I didn't follow any diet, just ate less and did more.

Well since then, I have lost my way and have obviously reversed the idea and have been eating a bit more and doing a bit less blush but I know I can do it this way so I'm going to try again. Anyone want to join me?

I was going to start after Easter but, inspired by the tight skirt, I have started today! So, I've weighed myself and have written it in my diary and :

Eat less: I had a small bowl of porridge and an apple for breakfast instead of my usual 2 slices of buttery toast, I had one biscuit instead of, erm, 6 mid morning, I had a sandwich and a satsuma instead of a sandwich and a bag of crisps at lunch and for dinner, I had spag bol like the rest of the family but had a much smaller portion instead of matching my DH and teenage DC portion size and one small piece of garlic bread instead of three blush. Evenings are my absolute danger time but tonight I've had nothing smile

Do more: I took the dog for a half hour walk instead of a 10 minute 'round the block'.

So, that's how I'm going to try and drop 4 dress sizes....anyone want to join me? smile

Flingingmelon Fri 03-Apr-15 21:23:51

Sign me up smile

I've just started couch to 5k but sitting here with a choc easter bunny and a glass of wine isn't helping with the 'eat a bit less'.

I want to lose just under a stone and after the easter weekend I need to keep the fridge closed between meals!

Notfastjustfurious Fri 03-Apr-15 21:29:39

Me! I have been kidding myself that it's all fine after dc3 but 9 months have passed and it hasn't just fallen off - work is looming and I don't have the cash to buy everything in a bigger size. I like the sound of eat less, do more it's simple and obvious I just need a kick up the bum (and a lock on the kitchen door).

librarycard Fri 03-Apr-15 21:30:56

hello smile

yes, wine and eating between meals pretty well sums up my downfalls ;)

I've had a couch to 5k planner stuck to my fridge for about 6 months - not done it though blush Have you actually been outside with trainers on??

librarycard Fri 03-Apr-15 21:34:50

Hi notfastjustfurious smile

I've just started a new job - hence the new skirt - and I just feel fat and frumpy now I'm having to wear proper structured clothes instead of leggings, boots and jersey dresses..

It is really simple and it did work for me last time. I'm rubbish at following diet plans because I crave the exact things that I'm supposed to avoid!

Flingingmelon Fri 03-Apr-15 21:45:36

Been out with trainers and leggings!

First run was hell on earth, second was quite a bit easier, hoping for half an hour of dry tomorrow...

librarycard Fri 03-Apr-15 21:54:06


I really fancy doing it but the thought of my size 20 ass running down the street is not good! I'm going to try and walk for half an hour per day this week and try and build up from there..

Flingingmelon Fri 03-Apr-15 22:38:45

Looking on other threads here some people are walking and then power walking, rather than power walking and then running, or power walking and then almost kind of nearly properly jogging like me smile

Also I'm doing it on pretty quiet roads where no one can see me wink

What's everyone doing to combat cravings? I'm trying not to keep rubbish in the house but it just means massive bowls of muesli instead hmm

librarycard Fri 03-Apr-15 23:29:52

That's not a bad idea - follow the c25k but walk and power walk instead of walk and run? I could do that! Dog might think I'd gone crazy, but I could do that! Will have a look at the planner again tomorrow.

Not sure how I'm going to cope with cravings... I'm on day one of the new regime today so I'm invincible but catch me in a few days and I'll be nicking your wine and your chocolate bunny ;)

26Point2Miles Sat 04-Apr-15 00:31:57

Me! Need to lose about a stone I think

Recomend c25k

Notfastjustfurious Sat 04-Apr-15 08:08:00

Right, I'm just about to get up so today I'm starting afresh and I will eat less! So far it's not raining so hopefully I will also do more, not sure about running though as I'm still breastfeeding and my boobs feel funny when I run.

Flissity83 Sat 04-Apr-15 08:34:17

Me me me me. I've gained half a stone in a month, all due to thyroid problems (yes I know biggest excuse in the book but it's true) but I have more than that to lose. I hate exercise and love food so science is not on my side. But this I will give a go.

Flissity83 Sat 04-Apr-15 15:36:00

I've failed already. Walked to the shod instead of drove but have definitely not eaten less. Oh well. It IS Easter...

teacupnic Sat 04-Apr-15 15:45:44

I'd like to join in if that's ok. I have a lot of weight to lose, but at the moment find following any particular plan a bit scary.

But think that doing a bit more and eating a bit less is achievable and would like the support and accountability of recording it somewhere.

AChickenCalledKorma Sat 04-Apr-15 15:52:52

Can I join? I could do with losing at least 4 stone and totally identify with size 20 suddenly feeling a bit tight. Since I always swore that size 18 was my absolutely upper limit that I would ever live with, this is not good.

Shifting to an office-based job and turning 40 at the same time have not been good - my midriff is just getting bigger and bigger.

So far today I had a positively virtuous fruit-and-yoghurt breakfast, a reasonably good lunch (more salad, less bread than usual) and have just mindlessly snaffled two of the shaped Easter cookies I'm making for church tomorrow. After work and evenings are definitely my weakness - perhaps I will make sure I check in here just after tea ...

unlucky83 Sat 04-Apr-15 15:57:01

I've been losing weight -half a stone and I haven't really been consciously eating less.
But I have been 'doing more' for the last month ...
I know it sounds pathetic but I walk DD2 to school and pick her up - it is a 5 min walk each way. But I've started trying to go (always at last minute though so not making that often) and coming back 'the long way' - it adds about 3 mins onto the walk. Even if I only manage to come back that's an extra 6 mins walking a day or 30 mins a week (12 and 60 min if I manage both) - which is more or less a third more. And I have also been putting off going to the shop/post office till pick up time and walking up (10 mins each way) at least once a week. Also I get to chat with her about her day without distractions etc - its actually really nice.
(If I go on my own I'll often drive cos I'll be going elsewhere and its on my way or I'll need to be somewhere quickly etc)
Sadly she is now wanting to go on her own - at 8 she is old enough - so it's not going to last long sad

MillieMoodle Sat 04-Apr-15 16:07:53

Hello, can I join please?
I want to lose a couple of stone but don't have the willpower for drastic diets so I'd like to just eat less and move more. My weight has been pretty steady for the last 2 years, I don't seem to put much on regardless of what I eat, but I don't lose anything when I'm being "good" either. I need motivation to keep me going!
We've got an exercise bike which DH bought last time I was going to try to lose weight. I've used it 3 times (in about a year blush), so I'm planning to try to use it at least once a week, gradually building up to every day. I've got a dodgy back so need to build up gradually!
Food wise, I need to start by drinking more water and eating less crap. Easter Saturday is possibly not the best day to start?!
We're going on holiday in 10 weeks time as well, so I want to be less wobbly by then. I need you all to keep me on track!! smile

DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel Sat 04-Apr-15 16:34:30

Me me me me. Im up for joining a supportive thread on it.

Early 2014 I was going between 10st 10lbs to 11 stone. Now I am over 12 stone and my size 14 jeans are getting too tight. I could nearly manage a size 12 last year.

In 2012 my size 16s were getting too tight and I was approaching the 13 stone mark. I dont want to get up there again.

I lost it originally by C25K and eating less. I followed the only eat when hungry and stop when full rule. It worked. Then 2014 happened. I was sad and miserable most of the time. I also injured my knee doing a half marathon. So for 4 months I did no exercise and ate a lot of cake.

Now its time to turn it around.

I have a new job which so far appears to be good. So now is the time to change before I develop any bad habits around my new job. Im already good at drinking water so at least that's one thing.

My plan going forward is:

1) Smoothie for breakfast (which I have been doing for a few months anyway) and always includes Kale, Carrots and various fruits and berries.
2) Nothing till lunch. Which is then whatever I take with me. Last week it was ham and cheese wrap and some low calorie crisps
3) A bit of fruit mid afternoon
4) Then my evening meal
5) Most importantly no food after tea.
6) Saturdays off as I need a break some points
1) Metafit Monday night after work
2) Insanity Wed night after work
3) Parkrun or gym Sat morning
4) longer run sunday afternoon

Wish me luck. In the last year or two I have developed a really bad relationship with food. Im either bingeing on rubbish or congratulating myself for not giving in to hunger. I think about food all the time. I need to stop. Im annoyed that I have no will-power to cut out anything in particular like sugar or heavy carbs which I think would help. In fact Id rather be bigger and eat cake/pizza/biscuits than give them all up. Though I do need to cut down and move more in order to get back down to a lower healthier weight.

librarycard Sat 04-Apr-15 17:14:48

A big hello to everyone who has popped onto the thread since last night smile

26point2, I'm definitely going to try the C25K when my weight goes down a bit. I think running will put too much pressure on my joints at this weight but will have it as a future goal. Do you run a lot?

notjustfast , How's it gone so far today? Eaten a bit less? Easter weekend isn't the ideal time to start but even a tiny bit less is a step in the right direction ;)

Flissty Why not start after the weekend? I@m only being so zealous because of the size 20 skirt incident! We can do it, I know we can smile

Teacupnic That's exactly how I feel. It feels like I have a lot to lose and starting 'a diet' seems like too big a task so if we can do little things that are a step in the right direction to begin with, it will make starting a weigh-loss journey a bit easier, I hope!

achickencalledkorma - the dreaded size 20 skirt!! I left mine hung on the outside of the wardrobe and when I look at it, I still cannot believe that my bottom is that wide...but it must be sad The Easter baking is going to be my downfall too, but remember, this is about eating a bit less, so for me, having one slice of cake after church tomorrow instead of two will be a step in the right direction! smile

unlucky83 That's exactly the kind of little changes that I am going to make! When I did this before, I'd walk a bit further, use the stairs instead of lift, park in the cheaper carpark further away - every little increase in activity makes a difference. You'll have to try and come up with some ides for when your walks stop smile Would she mind you walking with you a couple of days per week if you tell her that you enjoy it?

Millie I know what you mean about easter saturday being a dodgy day to start a new regime, but even if you leave it until Tuesday, you'll still have 10 weeks until your hol smile

Dr Harleen I can really relate to your post, especially the 'rather be bigger than give up cake/pizza/biscuits', I definitely have that sort of relationship with food, but here, we don't have to give things up, we need to have less (less pizza and healthier side dishes for example) I'm hoping it's going to be easier having less, rather than having 'banned' foods smile

I've been VERY good today. I actually went cycling!! Me and the kids hired bikes at the nearest forest park. We came back covered in mud but we had a brilliant time, so feeling postive about the 'doing a bit more' today smile

Food-wise, I'm going to have to be careful, because all that fresh air and exercise has made me hungry! I'm at work now though, and have packed myself a healthy tea - just going to have to ignore the chocolate machine when it calls for me later ;)

Fab to 'meet' you all.
I know it's the Easter weekend, but let's just start ourselves off slowly, even one less roastie on your Easter Sunday lunch will be a little step in the right direction. Good luck tbusmile

MillieMoodle Sat 04-Apr-15 17:28:29

I need to start as I mean to go on, so as long as I get on the exercise bike tonight it's a good start! I'm also going to reduce portion size for me from now on.
Our holiday is now close enough for me to start thinking that I need to get on with this. Previously I've kept thinking I've got plenty of time to lose some weight, but now I really haven't if I want to be less wobbly smile

librarycard Sat 04-Apr-15 17:44:02

I know what you mean millie that's why I've started straight away. I'm going camping in July and it would be lovely to put a pair of shorts on rather than wobbling around in long trousers..

Portion size is a big problem for me. I match my DH and two teenage sons plate for plate. Trouble is, they are all 6 foot and I am 5'4" blush So smaller portions for me is going to make a big difference!

MillieMoodle Sat 04-Apr-15 18:43:40

Yes I match my DH at meal times, he's 5'11" and I'm 5'4". I also eat breakfast and he doesn't, although I probably don't eat quite as much junk as him. Hopefully if I get going with some exercise, he might do some too - we are both a couple of stone heavier than when we met and we're not getting any younger so I'm starting to worry about our health too.

MamOfTwo Sat 04-Apr-15 18:54:35

May I sign up too? In my head, I call this approach the ELMM diet (Eat Less, Move More!) and I want to try this first before going back to a slimming club as I think it will put less pressure on me. I have ordered a Davina DVD today! And I plan to dust off my bike when the weather warms up. I have several stones to lose and my size 18 trousers are too tight [sob!]. I have never joined a weight loss thread before - how does it work? Good luck to all!

librarycard Sat 04-Apr-15 19:06:22

We're the same Millie, DH and I are both heavier than when we met, we're both asthmatic and we do worry what carrying this extra weight is doing to us long-term. So another motivation!

Mamoftwo Hello! Not sure how it's going to work really, just wanted to start this idea myself and wondered whether there were others who wanted to come along with me! A bit of chat and a bit of support is probably what we all need smile
The Davina DVD is supposed to be good. My (very thin) friend swears by it. And I agree, this is a good way to start. We're not banning anything or having any rules, we're just going to try and eat a bit less, meal by meal and try and do a bit more day by day. Fingers crossed , our current trousers will get a bit looser and we'll be on our way to being more healthy.

DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel Sat 04-Apr-15 19:13:39

Mini achievement from me. I didn't finish off DD2s tea. So unlike me, so I'm proud.

I have 8 weeks till my holiday. I was hoping to get a bikini this year, but it ain't gonna happen. Would like to lose half a stone if possible by then and then get down to size 12 by Christmas.

Portion sizes are impossible for me as DH does the cooking. I keep telling him I have enough, but it's in one ear and out the other. I just need to stop eating when I've had enough. Mindful eating.

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