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Points in blueberry muffin?

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Beccarollover Tue 27-Apr-04 17:10:50


It was a costa one but cant find points for any kind of blueberry muffin

Beetroot Tue 27-Apr-04 17:58:28

Message withdrawn

collision Tue 27-Apr-04 18:19:13

A classic blueberry muffin from Starbucks is 7points!! Hope you enjoyed it!! Salad for dinner??????!!!

Beccarollover Tue 27-Apr-04 19:03:43

It was sooo not worth it!!!!

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 19:16:30

fat oinker!

Beccarollover Tue 27-Apr-04 19:22:27

aha but i havent only had 11 points in total so far so not too bad - i just make BAD choices!

CountessDracula Tue 27-Apr-04 19:23:29

Actually becca a starbucks one is 8.5!!!!

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 19:37:44

he he
beccarollver will be like a weeble
cd youare my STAR pupil

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