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Serious help needed

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gothicmama Tue 27-Apr-04 14:01:49

I have gone from being very thin to seriously over BMI safe zone( had to put on weight to conceive and just havenot stopped - DD is 3) - help I just do not seem to be able to shift any weight and am scared of becoming too thin again so perhaps have wrong attitude. I lost 1 pound last week but haev now put on 3 more and it is weighin on Thursday

Demented Wed 28-Apr-04 12:26:01

Don't know the answer gothicmama, being too thin has never been one of my problems but just bumping this up incase someone else can help.

gothicmama Wed 28-Apr-04 21:55:06

I am not thin now but I just can not seem to eat healthily and not put on weight if that makes sense.

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