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New Mums: Pre-diet we had pride, now we want new bodies!

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SolitudeSometimesIs Wed 18-Mar-15 22:03:40

Here we go again!

Ok it's the magic thread where we find inspiration, motivation and actually see the results we want and manage to hold on to them once we get them.

No more excuses (unless they are hilarious or necessary).

Welcome all!

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BeyondTheSea Wed 18-Mar-15 22:07:42

Yay to new magic thread.

I can pretty much guarantee I will have hilarious excuses.

But I know we can do it (3rd thread?!).

SolitudeSometimesIs Wed 18-Mar-15 22:08:40

I've been having a squiz on the Exante website and have put together possibly the most synthetically made food filled basket. Haven't pressed order yet...I'm waivering. Or should I say wobbling grin.

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SolitudeSometimesIs Wed 18-Mar-15 22:11:22

Yep third thread. We're definitely in better shape than the first!

Ok. Let's get in some sort of cyber team huddle and get our motivation back.

Green my DS2 is a horror at the moment and DS1 is a back talking, attitude filled monster - I plan to torture them when they are teens!

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Greenrabbit Wed 18-Mar-15 22:11:43

Yay! I wrote a post but the old thread was full.

I won't write it again as it was moaning! So tomorrow I will have a fast day, then start Exante on Sunday/Monday (depending on what we are up to).

I gave a child free morning tomorrow (thank you parents) so I'm getting a haircut and going for a mooch round Boots (cover story- buying nappies, reality- buying lipstick and nail polish).

Feeling more positive already. We can do this. <high fives everyone>

BeyondTheSea Wed 18-Mar-15 22:15:57

I'm here (starving but motivated and thinking of new unintentionally hilarious but motivating slogans).

Enjoy your child free morning Green. Get a lovely treat or 2 for yourself. I am planning to get some new make up next week, was thinking of trying bare minerals eyeshadows. Have also seen a couple of tops I want.

<I think I may be heavier than 1st thread>

SolitudeSometimesIs Wed 18-Mar-15 22:30:33

Ooooh child-free time, enjoy it on behalf of all of us. You have to get an over priced coffee that you will finish while it is still warm (reflects on simpler times).

Starving here too. I had aubergine and tomato sauce for dinner (from a jar not the bottle) it was miserable. I'm ready for bed so that I don't eat anything.

Right. I have 14 days worth of Exante in my shopping bag, I'll order it tomorrow and begin my overhaul. No more feeling sad and bad about myself.

Bring on the skinniness!!!!!!

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SolitudeSometimesIs Thu 19-Mar-15 21:38:33

Was fairly busy today with the kids and having to ferry around various family members. My plan was to order the Exante first thing but my lovely DH pointed something out to me that I hadn't thought of (for he is wise). If I order the Exante and follow it for 2 weeks now, I have to somehow maintain that weight until the first wedding at the beginning of May, but if I order it in a week it will be delivered in time for me be able to take full advantage of it. I'm afraid that if I lose a lot of weight now I'll have to re-do it all again in a few weeks. Also the delivery cost is really expensive so it is going to cost a bloody fortune. But I am going to do it!

I was quite active today, I took DS2 for a walk in the buggy in the morning then played football in the park with both the boys in the afternoon. I'm hoping that a fast day tomorrow should keep me in check.

How is everyone else getting on?

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BeyondTheSea Fri 20-Mar-15 20:16:32

How did your fast day go Sol? Are you weighing in this week?

I am day 4 of exante and feeling really hungry... I had 3 strawberries earlier, don't think they should have done much damage.
I am trying to do a week, but might need to add in slices of ham/chicken to see me through. 3 more days to go!

How are you Green?

SolitudeSometimesIs Fri 20-Mar-15 20:42:36

I'm going to weigh in on Monday. Fast Day wasn't great, I had about 1000 calories but I've had only 600 today so it all balances out. I'm sitting here munching on a bag of carrots for my dinner - oh the excitement.

I'm ordering the Exante on Tuesday as I will have the money and I might as well strike while I have some sort of motivation.

Can you talk me through what you eat in a day on Exante Beyond? I just want to do it properly. I think adding in some chicken/ham or nuts will do no harm, protein will fill you up. Do you have a sneaky glass of wine when you are doing it or are you very careful?

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SolitudeSometimesIs Fri 20-Mar-15 20:43:54

Also, how do you pronounce Exante. I say it as Ex-annn-tay, is that right? I don't want to sound like a knob.

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BeyondTheSea Fri 20-Mar-15 20:55:46

Sol - I try to be really really strict.

Today I had a shake for breakfast, 2 glasses of water and a black coffee.
Mid morning - more water. Mug of bovril.
Veg soup for lunch, more water and a black coffee.
4 stawberries and 500mls fizzy water.
Bar, more water and a coke zero.

That's it.

On days where I am struggling, I have added in chicken/ham/nuts/cucumber/celery and still lose weight.

I'm day 5 tomorrow, f I am desperate I will have some ham.
My plan from Monday is low carbing and 5:2.
I can't do exante for more than a week at a time. I miss food too much!
I pronounce it like that too.

Well done on the carrots!

BeyondTheSea Fri 20-Mar-15 20:57:13

DH had chippy dinner last night (I could smell the salt and vinegar) and had salt and pepper chicken tonight - which I love. I may well kill him!!

Greenrabbit Fri 20-Mar-15 21:07:44

I'm okay thanks Beyond. Had some sleep and feeling more human. New hair, specs and lippy are helping too. I managed a fast day yesterday. The sun was shining, everything felt better.
You are doing so well, the chicken won't do any harm. Hopefully the hunger will stop soon. I must start again properly on Monday and stop making excuses.

That's how I say Exante Sol, not that I've told many people in real life my secret.

If you look in the website they have a list of the plans and what you can have. If you want to do the 'Total Solution' you just have 3 Exante meals and nothing else. You should avoid milk so only have black tea or coffee and you need to drink at least 3 litres of water. You can have coke zero too, but they only recommend one can or it can knock you out of Ketosis. When I was in Ketosis I was still strict about those rules but I did have at least 4 proper low carb meals per week. I did eat a lot if celery and cucumber on an evening though.
I'm not sure about wine, it could make you ill if you are in Ketosis. I can never stick to just one glass so I gave up alcohol completely.

When I tried to restart last week I didn't feel I was losing anything. But when I was honest with myself I realised I was having tea and coffee with milk which was definitely stopping me getting into Ketosis properly.
I think it's a good diet if you keep low carb., but I think you do have to be very strict with yourself.
Hope I don't sound like a dick. I'm mainly writing this down as a telling off to myself.
I tend to not have breakfast, then I have my first pack at lunchtime. Then another at dinner time with the children. Then a bar or shake after they have gone to bed as a 'treat'. There are other plans you can do where you add a meal. That is sort of what I did after about 3 weeks and I still was losing 2lb + per week.

SolitudeSometimesIs Fri 20-Mar-15 21:11:39

That's not very much to eat is it? Do you ever feel dizzy (or murderous?)? Or do you get bad headaches? I am impressed that you didn't pick up your Husband's dinner and fire it out the window.

I went for carrot batons instead of having to peel and chop the carrots myself - I'm super fancy now!

Did you manage to see the eclipse?

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Greenrabbit Fri 20-Mar-15 21:12:06

Cross posted with Beyond. I also found Bovil/Swiss boullion useful and fizzy water became quite a good wine substitute!

Greenrabbit Fri 20-Mar-15 21:13:29

I saw a tiny bit of the eclipse through the clouds so I was pleased with that. It was very cloudy here so I didn't think I'd see anything. How about you?

Greenrabbit Fri 20-Mar-15 21:14:37

Oh I got terrible Ketosis flu on the third day of doing Exante properly. I thought I was dying. I think upping the water is meant to help.

SolitudeSometimesIs Fri 20-Mar-15 21:16:55

You don't sound like a dick Green, you sound very knowledgeable? I'm glad you're feeling better, you sound like you are feeling more positive. Did you shop up a storm on your child free morning? Well done on the fast day, they're tough but worth it.

I was so worried I was pronouncing Exante in a weird way, DH thought it was a type of car grin. A Renault Exante sounds about right.

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Greenrabbit Fri 20-Mar-15 21:19:52

I've been at the inlaws for dinner which was a sort of hot buffet so I ate loads of random stuff while making sure DD2 didn't kill herself while settee diving.
Now I'm drinking wine I 'borrowed' from MIL (she keeps a supply of white in for me, they all drink red). I thought If i drove I could enjoy some in peace at home. I'm never going to be thin!

SolitudeSometimesIs Fri 20-Mar-15 21:20:52

Ketosis flu? What's that?

I saw the eclipse with DS1 and 2 and I found it all strangely emotional. All the birds stopped singing and returned to the trees, everything went quite quiet and it was so dull (not dark really). It was very beautiful and I felt very lucky to see it. I'm a nerd and me and DH have been watching the Brian Cox/ Dara O' Briain show on BBC2 all week.

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SolitudeSometimesIs Fri 20-Mar-15 21:27:32

You are not going to be thin. Let's all be honest, that's not our goal. Thinness demands a diet of protein and salad, enormous amounts of exercise and water, a growling stomach and the occasional blackout. Thinner than we are at the moment calls for lower calories at least 4 days per week, moving a bit more, wine, telly watching, MN'ing and a good sense of perspective about things. We don't want to be thin - how fucking difficult it sounds!

I'm drinking wine too. I factored them in to my 600 calories. You may take my carbs but you will never take my alcohol (shouted like Mel Gibson at the end of Braveheart).

I know alcohol is carbs, but it is special carbs. Special carbs don't count. It's called Sol Science!

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BeyondTheSea Fri 20-Mar-15 21:29:53

I didn't really see it, DD was dozing on me.

It't not much food at all, but I am prepared to do it for a week every now and then to get quick results. I don't feel dizzy but am a bit grumpy for first 2 days. I had a headache today so have had more water.

Green - what did you eat for your low carb meals?

Honestly Sol, sometimes it's just too much effort to peel let alone chop carrots smile

BeyondTheSea Fri 20-Mar-15 21:31:46

Liking the special carbs..!!

I agree, thin not a goal, will settle for looking a bit slinky.

New hair Green? Are you all swishy?!

Greenrabbit Fri 20-Mar-15 21:32:09

Ha, I'm terrible at pronouncing things. I normally use Google if I'm not sure, but Exante is not exactly common is it? My Mam comes out with some brilliant words -chorizo, Quinoa and jalapeño are some of the highlights. Every time I see my DB and SIL we compare weird foods my Mam talks about. She gets worse as she gets older, but it's still rally funny.

The child free morning was very rushed. I drop DD off at 8:45. Hair was at 9:30, but the hair dresser was in no rush. Hair is good though, I tried to be trendy last time with a long bob but my hair cannot cope without layers so I had them cut back in <swish> had a good chat with my hairdresser though (and 2 coffees) Then I rushed to Durham as they have a better Boots. Got a Revlon lip butter (nice), brow gel (boring) and a Sally Hanson Polish (rubbish), oh and some nappies. Then I had to go back to nursery.

In the afternoon we picked up my new glasses. They remind me of some I had when I was 12, I really like them. I love having my 2 girls, but it is so nice just going out with DD1 (even if she does want every bit of Frozen/Disney Princess tat we see in the shops)

Sorry about the essay DH has fallen asleep, I'm bored.

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