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Help... 5km on 6th June!

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Ixel Mon 26-Apr-04 19:23:39

... but I haven't run since I got pregnant...ds is 6 months now... and still have 1 1/2 stone extra on me. What's the best way to train with only 5 weeks and no spare time??!!

jasper Mon 26-Apr-04 21:16:02

Ixel there is a thread currently on the go that should help you.
Scroll down to "other subjects" to see a thread called "can I run in a 10k with 4 weeks training?"

Good luck. With the help of my mumsnet pals I ran 10k yesterday

luckymum Mon 26-Apr-04 21:32:27 this a Race for Life event? Mine is on the 13th June. Join us further down on other subjects/

Twink Mon 26-Apr-04 21:40:19

I'll catch up with you down on the other thread probably but if I don't, check out this and good luck !

Twink Mon 26-Apr-04 21:49:49

We're here but you've already been there so come back !

Ixel Tue 27-Apr-04 16:09:27

Luckymum... yep, it is. I did it in 27 mins in 2002, but there's no chance of that now. Are you training properly? I know its a fun run, but I really want to feel good about how I do.

luckymum Tue 27-Apr-04 18:55:53

Ixel, I know what you mean - i just have to run all the way. That's a brill time though, this will be my fifth year and I have always managed to just scrape in under 30 mins. I run 3 or 4 miles 3 times a week, weather and joints permitting I did a power walk last night as my knee is a bit dodgy and ended up with a blister on my heel. I *never* get them when I run! Good luck with the training.

Ixel Wed 28-Apr-04 11:16:44

Dont reckon I'll be less than 35 mins this time. The best I've managed in the gym since ds arrived is 34 mins, and it's nuch easier to run in there than in the real world! But at least I'm doing it. I'm trying to train 3 times a week, but something always crops up... dh doing overtime, dentist, visits from relatives etc.

Twink Wed 28-Apr-04 11:33:16

But on the day don't you find the atmosphere means you do better than you expected ? I almost always do better in a race than when training, especially if I'm training alone.

Look on the bright side, 5 weeks to go is better than 4; have you had time to look at the RFL training plans ?

If relatives call round can't you leave then doting on your ds while you scoot around the block for 20 mins ? Could a neighbour babysit while ds is napping ?

Ixel Wed 28-Apr-04 17:49:28

I wish! You haven't met our neighbour! And all relatives are a 3hr train ride away. Managed to get to the gym today though, by getting up v early (dh on a late shift). Did 5km in 35 mins, and was so annoyed that I consoled myself with a creme egg on the way home (Sainsburys had them for 9p). Not the best training regime. But dh is off for 2 days now, so should be able to fit a couple of good efforts in... once I can get back into the habit, the enthusiasm will come. I know what you mean about race day atmosphere, but it's a bit dodgy relying on that to get me through!

Ixel Sun 02-May-04 22:00:52

Hi Luckymum... I know this is really boring, but just thought I'd let you know I managed it in 32 mins 29 secs today! It's still dire, but better. OOoohhh, feeling better about myself now!

jasper Sun 02-May-04 22:39:26

Ixel thatis fantastic and don't knock the creme eggs....whatever gets you through etc.
You will do the race on the day NO PROB!

Twink Sun 02-May-04 23:12:31

No, it is not boring or dire !

Large numbers of the British public couldn't walk 5k, you can run it - and faster than you could last week, you deserve to feel pleased and you know you'll improve if you get the chance to practice.

luckymum Mon 03-May-04 09:03:57

Ixel - that's brilliant, you'll fly round on the day .

I had a really good run yesterday. The weather was lovely and it felt great - I didn't even notice that my blister had burst and bled all over my sock!

Ixel Mon 03-May-04 11:46:10

Thanks all! Cant run today as dh is on overtime, but I'm all geared up for tomorrow!

jasper Mon 03-May-04 22:21:48

PLEASE BE CAREFUL everyone. I have just come off the phone to my sister. One of her colleagues was knocked down and killed while out jogging last week.

Ixel Fri 07-May-04 12:01:25

God... I did 31mins 58secs yesterday! time is running out, but at least I'm creeping back towards the half hour mark! And have invested in a baby jogger (bit of a treat, as its too big for the bus, so I still have to keep the other 3 wheeler aswell!). Impatient for delivery now.
Jasper - thats terrible. Was it on the road or the pavement?

Twink Sun 09-May-04 18:02:52

That's over 3 minutes improvement in a week !! What's your secret ?

That's awful Jasper, it happened to a guy I used to work with too.

Hmum and me had a close (literally) shave one day last year when we were running in single file, facing oncoming traffic and nearly got taken out by a vehicle going in the same direction which was overtaking another car - terrifying.

cuppy Sun 09-May-04 18:36:44 that at Lydiard - if so Ill see you there. You sound like you're doing really well.. Ive been trying to train but my dd is 3mths so hard to find the time ( or is that just another excuse). The extra 21lbs Im carrying doesnt help either!

Good luck x

Ixel Mon 10-May-04 13:13:43

No, its Hampstead. But I'll be with you in spirit! Did exactly the same time again last night, which is very odd! Starting to feel like there's a bit of light at the end of the tunnel...

luckymum Mon 10-May-04 14:41:14

Ixel - well done, you'll break the 30 mins in no time. Just signed up for the Flora Light in Birmingham on 5th September so that should keep me going through the summer

Ixel Mon 10-May-04 20:09:28

I tried to get into the London one... sent a cheque on 26 March, but they didn't cash it. This means no place according to their info, but I called BHF, who I was going to run for, and they reckon the cheque just got lost in the post as it wont be full this early. Have been trying to call the helpline for a week, but no joy; even left my name etc and they didn't call back! Is it an omen...??! Anyway, my new baby jogger arrived today, so will be having a trial run (no pun intended) tomorrow.

Ixel Wed 12-May-04 14:01:48

Oooh... called the bank today and the cheque's been cashed, so I'm in the September Womens run in Hyde Park. Double reason to train now! Anyone else doing it?? Tried the jogger; had forgotten how hard it is to run outside compared to a treadmill.

MadameButterfly Wed 12-May-04 14:46:03

Ronniebaby and I have signed up for our local "Run for Life". It is in July, so we have plenty of time to get in training for it. We have both put down that we are walking it though.

I walked back from town today with DD in her pushchair. It is about 2-3 mile and took me 45 mins.

NancyKominsky Wed 12-May-04 15:27:17

I am doing Run for Life in July at Millfield - complete novice - can anyone recommend any shoes - I run off road and have bad knees!! At the moment I am wearing crappy old plimsolls - that cant be good can it?!

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