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Needing to lose 4st+ - support thread!

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HippyJess Thu 12-Mar-15 12:23:55

Since I want somewhere to track my progress I'm gonna do it here and have it act as a support thread for anyone else who wants to join me - because it certainly feels daunting and we can use all the help we can get!

I am 5 foot nothing and post DS (almost 6 months) I weigh (as of this morning) 95.2kg which I believe is around 14.5stone, but I avoid using st and lbs as I find it triggering. I would like to be back down to my pre-baby weight of circa 80kg by BiL's wedding in June. So...

SW: 95.2kg
GW1: 80kg (June)
GW2: 68kg (September)
UGW: 58kg (March 2016)

Short Term Goal: Do Davina's 15 Minute Fit every day for a week, starting today. I did it, and some of the easy versions were hard sad which is why I need to keep going.

Hope someone out there will want to join me! Hoping to post once a day to keep myself on track smile now off I go to make myself an omelette and veggies for lunch!

HippyJess Thu 12-Mar-15 12:24:48

Forgot to say - I worked out that a healthy weight for me is 5 stone away, but my ideal weight is 6 stone away. So, lots.

greyhoundgymnastics Thu 12-Mar-15 21:48:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DigApony Thu 12-Mar-15 22:23:47

Hi, can I join? I don't have as much to loose but I have lost almost 2st since January.
5ft 2
Start weight was 13st
As of Monday 11st 2lb
GW1 10st 13lb
UGW 9st 7lb.

I've recently started to take more pride in my appearance. Doing my makeup, hair. Actually buying myself things even if just a nail varnish. Has definitely helped my confidence.

HippyJess Fri 13-Mar-15 08:58:27

Hello! The more the merrier grin

I've started doing that too Dig, feel like I've turned into a fat frump since DS was born! Going out tomorrow for BiL's birthday and my mum is babysitting for the first tine so hopefully being out and dressed up will be a confidence boost smile not great for calories but it should be fun!

Greyhound I know, right... We can get it off though! I'm determined to be a success story this time around.

HippyJess Fri 13-Mar-15 09:02:49

Oh yeah, I need to update XD

Did really well yesterday! I was around my calorie goal - I'm aiming for 1750 per day which is what I should be eating to maintain once I'm at goal weight. Then with BF calories and a spot of light exercise a day that takes my net cals down to around 1200 so hopefully will lose nicely on that smile did 15 Minute Fit as well!

Breakfast was coffee as I don't like to force myself to eat breakfast if I'm not hungry for it. Lunch was more like 3 small lunches - cheese omelette, rice cakes with philly, carrot sticks with hummus and some melon slices. For dinner I made a sort of sweet chilli sausages with sweet potato mash and it was lush! Had green beans too so feeling virtuous wink

So far today just coffee and have a sleeping baby next to me!

HippyJess Mon 16-Mar-15 19:15:59

Today I felt hungry but not as badly as yesterday so hopefully it'll lessen as I get used to less amounts... I'm trying out a variant of 5:2 alongside calorie counting so not eating between 8pm and noon.

Breakfast - Coffee
Lunch - Pasta w/Pesto, 2 rice cakes with avocado, small banana
Snack - Carrot sticks and hummus
Dinner - Sausage and lentil one pot casserole thing!

So done really well and after the lentils very full, and there's loads left for lunch tomorrow smile haven't done anymore of the DVD though, so that needs doing tomorrow...

greyhoundgymnastics Mon 16-Mar-15 21:20:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iquitelikeapples Tue 17-Mar-15 10:32:17

Morning! Can I join? It was my birthday yesterday & a bit of crunch point for me. I now weigh more than I did after I had DD (now 19months). We want to start TTC2 in a few months so I really need to get healthy.
Just to be awkward I don't do stones & am working in lbs.
So today I start at 258lbs which at 5' 7 makes my BMI 40.4 (I could cry but I'm trying to be positive rather than overwhelmed)
So first goal is to lose 20lbs.
I'm just off to order Davinas new 7min DVD as just read the thread recommending it. I've cleared the kitchen of any junk & have an Asda order of healthy stuff arriving this afternoon. How's everyone else doing?

vickibee Tue 17-Mar-15 10:38:41

i don't want to disclose my weight but I have lost 9 pounds in the last month via WW. It seems like a drop in the ocean when you have such a long journey. I am hungry a lot of the time and just end up going to bed to forget about it.
I have upped my exercise levels and am now walking briskly for 2 hours per day. I am going to Greece in August and my target is to have lost two stone by then, is this achievable?
How do you keep yourself motivated when there is so much temptation?

Iquitelikeapples Tue 17-Mar-15 12:39:32

Hi Vickibee, 9lb is brilliant, well done. & 2 stone by August sounds very achievable. I'm only starting today but to help me stay motivated I've bought a lovely notebook to write down everything I eat. I've also taken loads of body measurements so hopefully seeing those change should help.

HippyJess Tue 17-Mar-15 13:18:24

Hi new people grin glad to have you on board! greyhound that's fantastic, well done!

Yesterday was haaaaaard and I ended up having a tiny amount of porridge late evening to prevent me chewing my arm off in my sleep... But that's because we were in the house alone all day. This morning we went out to a baby group and then I've done my 15MF Davina DVD while DS napped so haven't had lunch yet and have only just started getting hungry smile so 16:8 will be easier when I'm busy! May make it 14:10 if we're at home as we're busy most days...

I weight every day and have made it to 94.4kg. Seeing the progress line on MFP slowly decrease by a tiny amount every day helps keep me motivated smile and if it goes back up slightly makes me determined for the next day!

Of to have my tasty lentil and veg slop leftovers from last nights dinner now wink

HippyJess Tue 17-Mar-15 13:18:41

*Off blush

vickibee Wed 18-Mar-15 14:23:29

I have an office based sedentary job and would love to move more, I am sat at my desk right now and my stomach is growling saying feed me!! I am saving my points for evening as I hate going to bed hungry...
It is my weekly WW weigh in tomorrow ( i'd rather visit the dentist) hope I have lost

HippyJess Thu 19-Mar-15 07:58:25

Good luck for your weigh in vicki!

This morning I was below 94kg for the first time in aaaaaages at 93.9kg smile yay for process! Yesterday about 1/3 of my calorie intake was made up of flapjack but at least it was under my limit grin

HippyJess Thu 19-Mar-15 08:02:45

Oh wow - just noticed that makes a 2.5lb / 1.3kg loss in a week! That feels amazing grin

HippyJess Thu 19-Mar-15 09:05:49

Thursday Weigh-In Update!
SW: 95.2kg
CW: 93.9kg (-1.3kg)
GW1: 80kg (June)
GW2: 68kg (September)
UGW: 58kg (March 2016)

vickibee Thu 19-Mar-15 09:41:45

Thanks Jess, I find it hard to work in kg so 2 1/2 pounds is good progress

vickibee Thu 19-Mar-15 20:05:22

I have lost 3 pounds this week so 12 in total. I am pleased but St.ill feel daunted by how far away my goal is, I can't actually see any difference in the way I look although my jeans fit now instead of squeezing in.

JaquelineHyde Thu 19-Mar-15 20:18:15

Evening ladies, can I join?

I have a lot, lot more weight to lose than 4stone, probably about 10st in reality shock

I'm not sure exactly what I weigh but I will get on the scales in the morning and report back to you all if that's OK.

I have meant to kick start things since January but have probably put weight on. I am so, so busy at the moment with studying, full time placement and children, I lose track of food and have zero will power by the time the evening rolls round.

Well done on the weight loss so far everyone, keep up the good work and hopefully I shall be joining you on the losing side soon.

vickibee Thu 19-Mar-15 20:23:44

Welcome Jacqueline, the more the merrier, we need to keep each other motivated and on track

HippyJess Fri 20-Mar-15 07:56:55

Hi Jacqueline, welcome smile have you tried MyFitnessPal? I find it massiveley helpful for tracking what I eat as its so easy to just do it as you go. There's a website and an app smile I actually have 6 stone to lose myself but thought 4+ would cover more people!

vicki that's good going, well done you! I cant wait until I can get back in my non-maternity jeans! Id like to be back in my favourite pre baby pair by his first birthday at the latest...

HippyJess Fri 20-Mar-15 07:57:56

(Not that they're small by any means)

mimiasovitch Fri 20-Mar-15 13:54:14

Hi everyone. I read this a few days ago, but wanted to wait until I was on the computer to post. I'm 5'7, and currently weigh 14.9, which is way more than I weighed the day I gave birth to dd1. I try constantly to 'be good', but I get so easily tempted by sweet and baked goods. After dd2 was born I joined slimming world, and lost 3 stone (from a lower starting point). Looking at the photos I looked pretty slim, but my boobs went, so I'm happy not to go so low, but I definitely need to lose my belly. Low carb doesn't suit my family meal times, and whilst I like 5:2, I find it hard to fit in with work. I work at our family's restaurant, which is very busy, and there is a lot of running around, so if I skip breakfast I'd be passing out by 3.00, and if I had breakfast and then waited for dinner I'd be ready to eat my own arm. This is maybe something I need to work on - my body clearly has plenty of calorific reserves. Maybe its because I'm around food all day I feel I can't go without. Working with a lot of gorgeous 20 year olds doesn't help either!

Anyway, I'm back on the Myfitnesspal wagon. I'll measure everything, make a conscious effort to eat slowly and be more aware of portion sizes, and most importantly, not beat myself up when I slip. I'm on day 3, have tracked everything religiously, and am feeling very positive. Sorry for this being so long, but it feels good to talk to people who understand that its not as easy as 'just eat less'.

squigglehead Fri 20-Mar-15 18:25:30

HippyJess here, wearing my shiny new username!

Welcome mimia, good to have you smile MFP is an awesome tool! We can all get there in the end smile

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