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OH. MY. GOD ! I've just weighed myself - HELP REQ'D !!!!!

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WSM Mon 26-Apr-04 10:20:49

Hi all

Having just weighed myself and discovered that I am 10st 9 (arggggggghhhhh) I NEED to get the additional lbs shifted. I knew that I was heavier than I wanted to be but how could I have possibly put NINE POUNDS on without even noticing ?!!

I'm gutted. I'm 5'7" and my ideal weight is 9st 8lb, so I have just over a stone to shift (sounds so much easier that FIFTEEN POUNDS )

I'm looking for easy tasty healthy lunch options aside from the obligatory tuna salad sandwich. I am SO undisciplined and need all the help and support I can get. Can you help ?

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 10:27:48

WSM may I say that 10st 9 sounds fine to me for someone who is 5'7". Do you have a very slight frame?

Anyway, in answer to your question, try cutting out carbs in the evening and eat low fat stuff. I think if you try that and it doesn't work then join weightwatchers online! Could try salads for lunch too?

WSM Mon 26-Apr-04 10:40:27

Not really CD, I'm quite broad hipped (thanks to DD!) and have always been on the generous side of busty. My figure had changed since DD (wider hips, flatter, saggier bum being the main horrors).

When I met DH I was 8st 9lbs (but still with E cup boobs), looking back at photos I wasn't too skinny but with the changes to my skeleton since DD I appreciate that I would look far too skinny now if I were to try to get down to that weight again. However I was 9st 8lbs at my lightest post DD and I felt more comfortable, less self-concious and healthier then.

motherinferior Mon 26-Apr-04 10:41:08

Veg soup is low in calories for lunch. High in salt, though.

But I do agree with CD (retreats porkily) that you sound lovely!

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 11:03:55

ROFL @ retreats porkily MI
Or should I say PORK?

Hulababy Mon 26-Apr-04 11:08:53

Ideal weight

This link is from WW and shows your ideal weight. You can do BMI too.

For 5'7 it says weight for a healthy BMI is between 9.2 – 11.6. Your current BMI is about 23.4 which is within the right levels.

So, it's all depending on you and your own thoughts about how you look. You are actually okay though

motherinferior Mon 26-Apr-04 11:10:08

Que PORK, Contessa?

WSM Mon 26-Apr-04 11:10:27

I just see this as the slippery slope IYSWIM ?! If I can gain 9 lbs without realising in a short space of around 4-6 months, then I can keep gaining that over and over. Before I know it it'll be 12 months down the line and I'll be knocking on the door of 13 stone

I'll try out those ideas, thanks

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 11:11:20

PORK is what ROFL comes out as on predictive text messaging MI!

WSM Mon 26-Apr-04 11:11:38

Don't get me wrong, Hula, I don't think I'm an obese whale or anything but I am out of my own personal comfort zone.

Hulababy Mon 26-Apr-04 11:13:13

I know how you feel. My BMI is (just) okay but I still want to lose about 8 or 9 pounds more to feel comfortable.

I lost 1 stone after Christmas using WW points. Didn't join but have all points typed into computer on a database, and just used that. Lost a stone within about 8 or 9 weeks. Just started again (had 5 or 6 weeks off for a break) witht he points to lose last bit.

BoxofFrogs Mon 26-Apr-04 19:48:40

WSM - Home made veg soup is really tasty, and 'free' on my diet plan, as long as we don't use potatoes. Any other veg goes, including peas and parsnips. Chuck in loads of chopped veg, add two stock cubes and some curry powder to taste. When cooked, whizz up and/or strain/mouli, and you have a filling tasty soup. Have a couple of small wholemeal rolls with it.

Demented Mon 26-Apr-04 22:59:21

WSM can MN Mamas help? If you want to be added to the spreadsheet mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net.

Sonnet Tue 27-Apr-04 10:07:13

WSM - I know what you mean as 2 weeks ago I stood on the scales and 9lbs had arrived from nowhere - BUT it was just what I needed to take myself in hand.
Last summer I was "down" because I weighed more than I should and like you felt out of my "comfort zone" - stood on the scales weeks ago and hey presto yet another 9lbs...

I started exercising (running and swimming - both of which I use to do). I started running very slowly and not very far but I have been increasing it). I started eating "heathily", cut back the wine, chocolate, comfort food. I weighed myself yesterday and I've lost 6lbs!!! - I am so chuffed.
I've joined Beety onthe 30 day dettox - first day today...
You can do it WSM....

WSM Tue 27-Apr-04 11:51:15

Thanks for the help and kind words, girls

I'm dyeing my hair red today to cheer myself up as I started my diet/healthy eating plan today. It is SOOOOOOOO hard, especiialy as I had to make DH a sausage sandwich this morning

Thanks demented, I'll email you

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 11:53:08

hey wsm you can loost thatin 3 weeks if oyu like? tell me if you want me to be strict with you

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 11:53:40

alos best idea is to weigh yourself evry day
thats what I do

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 11:54:22

Oh hold on 15 lbs . no maybe longer. I would say you could get down to 10 st in 3 weeks

soyabean Wed 28-Apr-04 11:38:15

WSM we are the same size! I'm 5'7" too, and last week was 10 st 8. Would like to be 10 st. have been very good about not eatinh junk, just normal amounts of proper meals, and was 10 4 yesterday! But I do always fluctuate a lot, it will take more perseverance.
Like you I know Im not overweight but I am so aware of my huge tummy. Thats really tho only bit Im worried about. (weight wise I mean, there are plenty of other things!)
Good luck! I think Im going to take Boxoffrogs' advice and go and make some soup for lunch.

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