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breastfeeding but weight no coming off..........

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springmum Mon 26-Apr-04 05:52:45

Is it a myth that breastfeeding helps you to lose weight? I've been b/f solidly for 8 weeks now and have stayed the same weight since the initial post birth 'sweat' when I was lost quite a bit in the first week.

Ghosty Mon 26-Apr-04 07:29:46

Tell me about it springmum ...
DD is 12 weeks old ... and apart from losing 'baby' weight in the first couple of weeks I lost nothing.
4 weeks ago I decided diet very gently ... and I have lost 8lbs ...
But it hasn't been easy.

motherinferior Mon 26-Apr-04 08:21:05

I reckon it is a myth

Babblan Mon 26-Apr-04 12:09:17

I lost weight breastfeeding my first, but I was so knackered I could not eat...

suzywong Mon 26-Apr-04 12:12:56

Myth, definitely, in fact I have formulted the theory that you can only lose so much when BF before the body digs in its heels and clings on to the back love handles and the jelly cushion tummy, Oh cruel Mother Nature

aloha Mon 26-Apr-04 12:13:29

I didn't lose an ounce. And I breastfed/mixed fed over a year

pollingfold Mon 26-Apr-04 12:18:10


Your not alone, I know loads of people, including myself who lost weight initially, but then a massive amount just hung on. As soon as I stopped breast feeding, at 5 months I lost half a stone. I think your body stores food in case of emergencies(!!!) so that you could continue to feed if you were starving.

aloha Mon 26-Apr-04 12:22:49

Mine didn't come off when I stopped either...but I don't suppose you want to hear that, either.

Spod Mon 26-Apr-04 12:25:25

same here! i lost loads in first few weeks - but have stayed 2kg over my pre preg weight since - bf for 6.5 months now. I tried to go on a low fat diet but convinced it affected my milk supply after a few days so abandoned it

incywincy Mon 26-Apr-04 12:27:53

sorry to say but after initial half a stone in the first few weeks i have put on an extra 1 and a half stone despite ds breastfeeding for 20 months now.

suzywong Mon 26-Apr-04 12:29:31

shall we change the subject?

suzywong Mon 26-Apr-04 12:30:22

I men we couls start a celebration of the well-upholstered, milky-fragranced woman

AussieSim Mon 26-Apr-04 12:39:05

very individual methinks

morocco Mon 26-Apr-04 21:44:55

is anyone else massively hungry all the time? all I do is eat eat eat since ds2 was born 8 weeks ago - loads more than i did when pregnant. maybe I have worms.
so no, I haven't lost weight - I'll be putting it on again at this rate

champs Mon 26-Apr-04 21:49:58

b/f really makes me hungry too

Tommy Mon 26-Apr-04 21:51:22

Everyone kept telling me I would lose weight - I didn't until DS2 went onto solids and I was feeding him less - then I suddenly lost about 1/2 stone. My appetite just dropped. Am still feeding 4 times a day and am looking forward to another 1/2 stone at least dropping off when I finally stop completely! (But I may have to stop eating so much cake as well )

morningmayhem Thu 06-May-04 21:07:37

Can anyone please tell me how many points I can have while breastfeeding ( 6 feeds a day ) on weight watchers i am 13 stone thanks

morningmayhem Fri 07-May-04 06:21:41

Is there anyone who can help me this morning

Skara Fri 07-May-04 07:09:52

I think you're allowed 10 extra points when on WW if exclusively bf but could be wrong on that! Somewhere around that many, anyway. I lost all my pregnancy weight (a not inconsiderable amount - over 3 stone both times!) in the first year of having my two and fed them both well into their second year...shall I go away and shut up now?

glitterfairy Fri 07-May-04 08:17:31

Definate myth sorry I was so hungry when bf but luckily my first didnt like me eating chocolate and so didnt put too much on. My ds didnt seem to mind what I ate so that was total disastor! Hey ho wait until later and then exercise. I reckon that because I was so tired it wasnt what I ate but the fact I gave up doing things like walking much or taking real exercise. In pregnancy I had gone swimming and stuff but too tired when they were little.

Ghosty Fri 07-May-04 08:24:45

Morningmayhem ... I am doing 28 points ... and am losing about 1lb a week at the moment ...
I had a week of not counting points and didn't lose anything.

morningmayhem Fri 07-May-04 08:38:20

Thank you ghosty and skara I think I will start on 28 points then and see how I go!

Lisa78 Fri 07-May-04 09:25:42

I didn't lose much when I was bf either, I thought the weight would just drop off me

champs Fri 07-May-04 21:23:25

morningmayhem, you can have 6 extra points

champs Fri 07-May-04 21:24:12

(cant remember who told me but was in ww thread)

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