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So, I'm changing my life on Monday...

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Runnaway Fri 20-Feb-15 19:17:43

Well, that's what I hope. Am currently overweight. I am tall so can carry it quite well, but I always feel very flabby and am uncomfortable with my size. I have lost weight successfully before so I know I can do it, but have lacked a bit of motivation and willpower in the last year. Gradually my weight has crept up and trying on clothes yesterday was not fun!!

My plan is this:
Food diary - am a mindless eater
Drink more water - tend to eat when I am actually thirsty
Move more - this will be the biggest change. I work FT now and move much less within my everyday life. I now need to factor in exercise as it is no longer part of my day to day life.

I would like to lose 14 pounds in total, but am going to start with 7 pounds as my first goal!

So, anyone care to join me?

Genevieve1976 Fri 20-Feb-15 20:42:39

Yes please runnaway!

Ive got a six week old, got on scales today and need to get 14lbs off too. Used to go to slimming world but I'm on my own and classes times just don't fit anywhere. I need to tell someone my weight every week to check in, help with getting it off.
I'm eating really badly around the babies routines but know that's just an excuse!!
Any help and mutual support would be great
Genni xxx

Runnaway Fri 20-Feb-15 22:05:19

Yay! Let's do it!! First weigh in Monday morning!

Anomaly Fri 20-Feb-15 23:11:37

God me too. I successfully lost 21 pounds with slimming world. Back in size 10 jeans and have put on about 7 pounds this week eating mini eggs! I deliberately missed my class Thursday because I knew it would be bad.

Why can't I stop? So tomorrow I am going to be good! I want to get to around 130 pounds so given the consumption of mini eggs this week probably need to lose 14 pounds but 7 would be good. I could do that in a fortnight if I'm good.

Runnaway Fri 20-Feb-15 23:22:14


I think I need some tough love to motivate me!! The time I lost the most weight (14lbs in 8 weeks) was when the slimming consultant at the weigh in was quite stern. I am definitely more stick than carrot when it comes to being motivated! So, please don't be too forgiving if I gain!

Runnaway Sat 21-Feb-15 08:21:25

Morning! I am about to go for a big walk, well only about 3 miles, but I suppose better than nothing!! I have got all the ingredients out for a chicken and veg stir fry for tonight. Am hoping for a healthy day! Hope you have one too!

RunningKatie Sat 21-Feb-15 20:09:20

Me too!

None of my clothes fit, I am so fed up and I know it is because I eat too much and do not exercise enough.

I am a SAHM and have become a classic eater of leftovers & secret snacker. When dh is working away then I have no willpower.

I have started listening to the Paul McKenna cd and I think I need to give up alcohol to give myself a bit of a kickstart.

Runnaway Sat 21-Feb-15 20:12:43

What does the Paul McKenna CD say? I am a bit scared of hypnosis!

RunningKatie Sat 21-Feb-15 20:28:02

It's about eating mindfully - so slowly to make you properly taste the food and listen to full signals.

Also getting you to visualise how you want to look and feel.

I listen to it at night before I go to sleep and find it very relaxing sometimes i nod off

It's really sensible advice, getting your body back in synch, I am a terrible food-bolter and also just eat because I'm bored or due to habit.

Runnaway Sat 21-Feb-15 20:32:47

Hmmm I might give that a go - thanks. I was worried it might be one of those which makes you imagine walking down and up flights of stairs, then 'back in the room' sort of stuff!

I also eat really fast. My day started well - long walk, healthy, calm lunch. But I have just watched a movie and eaten popcorn with the DC. I was just mindlessly shovelling it in. No need for it at all.

Genevieve1976 Sat 21-Feb-15 20:58:39


I need to seriously have a think about being more organised about my eating as too easy to blame little one!! I need to make a fruit salad or something to snack on, and veg soup to fill up on. But then there's the wine, crisps and chocolate that are just so good after a long day and night ahead of 2/3 hour feeds!!

How are we going to do the weigh in, I need to set a reminder or something

Hope your all having a nice evening xx

Runnaway Sat 21-Feb-15 21:08:53

Yes, organisation is key. Am meal planning and shopping tomorrow. Weigh in Monday at 7:30am. Does that work for all?

Runnaway Sat 21-Feb-15 21:09:29

But, yes crisps and choc so good and I am so lacking in willpower!

RunningKatie Sat 21-Feb-15 21:21:54

I buy cheese & onion crisps for dh as i don't like them smile Only if I'm desperate will I eat them.

We won't mention the chocolate in the spare room that the dc's were given for Christmas that I am eating sad

Runnaway Sun 22-Feb-15 09:21:17

I have just made my meal plan for the week. Although tbh what I eat fir meals is not the problem. It's all the extras!

carlywurly Sun 22-Feb-15 09:41:14

Please may I join you? 14 lbs here to lose too. I know it's not a lot in the scheme of things, but it's the difference between a pair of size 10-12 trousers looking good or horrendous on me. And my stomach feeling flattish or flabby.

I lost 2 stone a couple of years back and was so diligent about keeping it up until christmas, which totally knocked me off course.

I am terrible at nibbling on sugary things. I don't eat masses but really need to stick to around 1500-2000 cals a day to maintain the weight I want. Have a holiday in a few weeks as the massive incentive here.

Going to do the 7 min workout later and every day until hols. smile

fibromum Sun 22-Feb-15 11:35:55

Hi I would like to join.

4ft 11 and 9st 9. Ideally would like to be 8st by the summer.

I don't like chocolate so thats a bonus but I think it's my lack of movement that means I maintain my current weight easily but don't lose anything.

So I have bought a pedomiter and am aiming for 10,000 steps a day though admit that, that won't happen straight away but my aim is to up my steps so each day I do more than the day before.

Babbit Sun 22-Feb-15 11:40:02

I'd like to join too. I am going on holiday in 6 weeks. I have 28 lbs to lose in total but would like to lose 14lbs asap! I have a Fitbit and using MFP too but do well for a week and then it sort of tails off. I'm trying to drink more water and exercise.

I have stopped running as I have bursitis in my hip but am having a steroid injection on Monday so I hope to start again when that kicks in.

Will weigh in on Monday...

Babbit Sun 22-Feb-15 11:41:50

I'm 5ft 2inches and 11 stone. Quite "curvaceous" i.e. large chest, but hourglass. I'll never be a skinny minnie but love clothes and just want to wear what I love rather than because it is flattering / fits well!

LetMeDriveTheBus Sun 22-Feb-15 11:43:44

I'm in :-D

I've got 7 weeks before my mat leave is up and I go back work after DC2. I'd like to lose a stone before that.

I'm kicking myself as I shifted 2 stone in the autumn and was feeling great. But I've put loads back on sadangry

It'll be great to have some mutual support.

Runnaway Sun 22-Feb-15 13:30:51

letmedrive You will feel fantastic going back to work if you feel healthier and you actually have a choice of what to wear. I know I am going to have it wear my 'fat' dress tomorrow as all my trousers are uncomfortable!!

Runnaway Sun 22-Feb-15 13:32:35

Hello babbit , fibro and carly
Let's hope that this time next week we are all feeling excited about getting on the scales, rather than the looming dread I currently feel!!!

mothersdaughter Sun 22-Feb-15 14:17:22

Can I join in too?

Have steadily gained weight over the last 2 years, since having DC2. I'm almost 11 stone and ideally would like to lose a good 14-15 pounds. However, 7lbs would make me happy for now!

OP - Like you I work full time, it's hard to fit in exercise. However, I'm going to commit to a 10 min run every night. Shouldn't be too hard to fit in, and at least it's something. Food wise - I need to cut out the snacks and lattes.

Would be do good to have some like minded support!

Runnaway Sun 22-Feb-15 14:29:25

Of course you can join mothersdaughter
I think as the nights get lighter I am going to try and rope the DC into exercising with me. I sometimes jog beside them as they scoot and they always love it. At the moment it is pouring down here. However I have already done a long walk today so don't feel too bad about staying in.

LetMeDriveTheBus Sun 22-Feb-15 14:34:24

Exactly Runnaway. I'd love to have a few options of outfits rather than whatever I can squeeze into!

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