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Will I gain weight from this week??

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hslsascsas Mon 16-Feb-15 17:41:57

Okay so I've lost a couple of pounds last week, but this week is the holidays, and I'm not sure if the foods will impact my weight. Here is a list of what I have eaten / will be eating this week;

Frosties, egg, toast, scone, Chinese takeaway. Altogether 1100 cals
Toast, pineapple chunks, roast dinner with fish instead of meat. Altogether 500 cals
Pineapple chunks, carrot soup and brown crusty baguette.
Altogether 500 cals.
Cone of chips, two plain pancakes fried as it is pancake day.
Altogether 550 cals.
Apple, tuna pasta bake. Altogether 500 cals.
Toby carvery roast - turkey, stuffing, mash and roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds and veggies. Altogether 700 cals.
Macaroni cheese and beans on toast. Altogether 500 cals.

Will this impact my weight negatively???

Runningupthathill82 Mon 16-Feb-15 18:49:50

Unless your portion sizes are teeny tiny, your calorie counting is way off.

Your Saturday, for example, would be more than double the 1100 cals you cite, with a Chinese takeaway and a scone, and egg on toast, and Frosties.

A cone of chips and two pancakes is closer to 1500 cals than 500, and a carvery roast could be two if not three times the 700 cals you tally.

Eating one huge and unhealthy meal a day is not good. But I suspect you know that. And what are you drinking - only water?

bakingtins Mon 16-Feb-15 19:17:48

It will impact your health negatively if that's what you eat. How can you possibly think a cone of chips and some pancakes is adequate nutrition for a day. Easily double or triple the calories you are "counting" but with no protein, fibre, fruit or veg in sight.

Runningupthathill82 Mon 16-Feb-15 20:16:10

Yy Baking.

hslsascsas Mon 16-Feb-15 20:27:31

On Saturday I had a plain piece of brown toast ( 88 cals ) one hard boiled egg ( 59 cals ) one plain scone ( 195 cals ) and for the takeaway I had some chicken fried rice, chips and five prawn crackers.

Tomorrow I'm having a small cone of chips ( 197 cals ) and two plain pancakes ( 200 cals )

Yes, all I drink is water. And I don't think its adequate nutrition..... But I don't get paid til next week which is when I do the shop so I'm using all my food up. Also I get full really easily.

At the carvery I plan to have turkey ( 250 cals ) at least a third a plate of veggies ( 100 cals ) and maybe a couple of potatoes ( 200 cals )

I worked them out using MFP

Runningupthathill82 Mon 16-Feb-15 21:09:09

I use MFP too and have never seen a portion of chips come up at less than 200 cals, or indeed a hard boiled egg at 59 cals. Chicken fried rice, chips and prawn crackers is realistically going to be around 1500 cals at least.

But anyway, that's by the by. If you don't get paid until next week and haven't got any money to eat well, then Toby Carvery, chippy teas and Chinese takeaways aren't the best use of your money.

You could have fed yourself really well with that amount of cash, with fresh cheap veg (carrots, sweet potatoes etc), pasta, brown rice, eggs for veggie omelettes etc, but I guess you know that.
the calorie content is the least of your problems but, to answer your initial question, yes you will most likely gain weight eating like that and you'll also most likely be very constipated.

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