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hslsascsas Sat 14-Feb-15 18:31:38

I weighed myself this morning and I had lost over a pound from last week. I wanted a normal day, but it went a bit wrong...

Frosties and semi skimmed milk - I normally have fruit or no sugar cereal
Hard boiled egg and toast - normal
Marks and spencers fruit scone - I slipped up as I was hungry..... 200 cals... Oops
Chinese takeaway - chips, chicken fried rice, prawn crackers and sweet and sour sauce - that's the worst bit...
Afterwards I ate a couple of chunks of pineapple

My stomach is a bit more rounded than it usually is. I'm one of those people whose stomach bloats for a while after eating - it always has done. But its a bit more round than usual. I think I ate too much...

So was it a bad day?? What do I do tomorrow??

P.S. Last week I slipped up and binged on chocolate twice, yet did not gain weight.

P.P.S. I've been depriving myself of treats and sugar - is that why I ate sugary foods and takeaway today?

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