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Help please. Holiday in 3 weeks

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Arkengarthdale Sun 08-Feb-15 20:07:58

I'm four stone overweight and being bullied at work. No confidence and no motivation. My DH has just booked a beach hol in 3 weeks - can anyone please help me with a regime which will make a bit of difference to my jelly belly? I don't care about 'proper' just for three weeks! I am waiting for the bullying to be addressed by work which is all encompassing at the mo but would really appreciate some advice. Thanks!

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Sun 08-Feb-15 20:51:38

Low carb is good for quick results because it makes you shed lots of water too.
I am 2 weeks into the 30-day shred and the results on my upper body (arms, shoulders, abs) are amazing.

Runningupthathill82 Sun 08-Feb-15 20:59:28

Put on bikini. Stand in front of mirror. Smile.
Hey presto - you have a bikini body!

The best thing you can do for the next three weeks is look forward to your holiday and try your best to feel good about yourself.

Quick-fix diets are terrible. If you genuinely want to lose weight, cut out processed foods, stop snacking, eat well and exercise. For life. MFP helps for keeping on track .

But this isn't going to happen in three weeks, so just relax and feel confident in the fact that the only person worrying about how you look in a swimsuit is you.

Arkengarthdale Sun 08-Feb-15 22:09:11

Thank you both for replies, low carb works for me when I stick to it but thank you so much for the lovely comments smile

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Mon 09-Feb-15 07:47:55

Hi - I'm back. I hope my answer yesterday didn't sound harsh. I was in a hurry because DD2 was waking up.
I agree with the previous poster that no one will care what you look like in a swimsuit (and I have been 6-7 stone overweight, so I know what it feels like). However, I do think that 3 weeks can make a visible difference and give you a confidence boost.
A pretty, well-fitting swimsuit may also help. smile

But even if you decide not to change anything, don't let it ruin your holiday. Seriously. I spent more than 10 years refusing to go to the swimming pool because I was convinced I was revolting. Until I had a lightbulb moment : did I go to the swimming pool to judge other people's bodies? Well, other people are the same : they go to the swimming pool or the beach to swim and relax.

Arkengarthdale Mon 09-Feb-15 12:19:18

Senatus - thanks again. We're going somewhere we've been before and I know there is always someone older and fatter than me (quite a few of them actually!) And I don't mind seeing them!! They look just as relaxed as the (very few) thin ones grin

Want to look good for my own sake and also DH's and am struggling to find the motivation to exercise.

I have the 30-day shred and also the Ripped in 30 so I should just grit my teeth and work it!

ppeatfruit Mon 09-Feb-15 12:39:31

A quick way to lose weight is to STOP

Eating after 7.30.

Drinking alcohol, high sugar,chemically sweetened fizzy drinks, normal teas and coffees.


Only eat when you're hungry and STOP when you're full. EAT SLOWLY and chew 20 times

Eat protein and carbs at different meals (no burgers or cheese sandwiches grin).

You will need to cut out the caffeine and alc. drinks on a quiet day you may get a headache if you usually OD on them!!!

An amazing belly tightening exercise:- Lie flat on bed raise your head and top part of your body just 6 c.m. and hold for the count of 6. Do this slowly slowly. 3 times in morning and 3 times at night. OH AND YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR HEAD IN LINE WITH YOUR SPINE.

I do this and have abs for the first time since I was a size 8 !

ppeatfruit Mon 09-Feb-15 12:41:04

Sorry I forgot, have plenty of filtered water and green/mint teas instead of the other drinks.

Arkengarthdale Mon 09-Feb-15 13:35:48

Thanks to you too, ppeatfruit. Wine is my downfall, I don't really do much sugar apart from that. Am a natural low-carber.

I'll certainly try that lying-down ab exercise (sounds right up my street!)

I can give up caffeine for three weeks, definitely.

Thanks all for support and encouragement.

ppeatfruit Mon 09-Feb-15 13:53:08

Good luck! grin BTW that crunch is so easy and amazingly effective you can feel your abs activating and they do it all night !!! If you continue to pull them in during the day too to the count of 20, while washing up or whatever you just go on tiptoes and pull everything in that helps too.

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