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This year I will...

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treetrunkthighs Wed 04-Feb-15 12:10:54

I just need to get this written down and for it not to disappear any time soon.

I am a yo-yo dieter, have tried SW, WW, Cabbage Soup, Rosemary etc. this year's efforts are 5:2. Four weeks in, 2lb lighter hmm reserving judgement but enjoying it so far.

Anyway, that's not my point. This is - I seem always to be in pursuit of a better body, but never get there, always wishing I looked better naked or semi/naked!

So this year I (promise silently in my head to my children) will have fun on holiday regardless of cellulite, wobbly bits, belly hang! I have had a Eureka type moment - if you ask my kids about their holidays, they will always say that Dad is the fun one, mum just reads. Mum doesn't like the beach. They make me promise to get in the pool at least once a day and I find excuse after excuse. Sound like a right barrel of laughs don't I?

This year I promise to be fun on holiday. I'm going to get up and play bat and ball on the beach. I will swim in the sea every day as well as the pool. I will join in the diving competitions instead of filming them. I want them to have fun memories. Can't imagine they will be worried about the size of my thighs even if I am.

We go 9th-16th April and I am setting a reminder to come back to this and see if I kept my promise.

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