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WW or SW online?

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foolssilver Wed 04-Feb-15 11:00:50


I am looking for some advice please. I have about 3 stone to lose after having my dd last year. There aren't any WW or SW meetings near me at convenient times so thinking about doing an online plan.

Anyone done it? Which one is best? How easy was it to stick to.

I am very motivated as I am a bridesmaid in August but just don't know where to start with meal planning.

tabulahrasa Wed 04-Feb-15 11:05:11

I'm doing SW, but I've done WW before...I prefer the SW plan as it suits me better.

WW is better if you don't want to cook everything from scratch, SW is better if you do...but I don't really rate the SW website, so if online is your only option, WW might be better for you.

SoonToBeMrsB Wed 04-Feb-15 11:08:18

I would definitely suggest WW if you are sticking to online only - the app and website are a million times better. I've done both plans and enjoy them equally but I do find it easier to track with the WW online tools so that is what I stick to.

There is also the option of doing WW's "Filling and Healthy" plan, which is very similar to SW. You get a list of "free" foods to be eaten until you're satisfied and an added 49 weekly points to use in the way that you would use the daily syns on SW.

m0therofdragons Wed 04-Feb-15 12:03:21

If you download my fitness pal app to your phone you can log everything you eat and plan meals in advance and it calculates the calories so you can stay under your calorie goal for each day. It's free too.

I've done sw and ww and this is the best for me as I can eat my normal food (not low fat poor tasting crap) but control number of snacks and portion size. It's a bit like ww but instead of points you count calories.

Viviennemary Thu 05-Feb-15 21:49:12

I was thinking about trying on line too. I've been to meetings in the past with SW and WW. But it was really slow going and I didn't like the meetings very much. I didn't really like the SW diet as it was very restrictive.

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