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Anyone up for some excercise motivation

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Sonnet Wed 21-Apr-04 15:02:38

I have just started "exercising" again in an bid to loose weight - anyone else out there in the same position and want to give/receive motivation.

This can cover anything from a daily walk with a buggy, to a weekly/daily swim, run, gym visit, exercise video or a "brisk" bount of housework - anything that gets the body moving...

I'm aiming to swim 2 lunchtimers per week - Tues, Wed (done for this week)
Short runs when I can fit in - at least 4 times per week ( done twice so far)
Brisk walks when at home with DD2
Sgt Major Beetys Situps - did yesterday and today but done too few!!

Come on then girls , lets get moving and blitz those wobbly bits!!

Demented Wed 21-Apr-04 22:15:50

Exercise is fantastic, almost as good as chocolate!

I walk loads during the week, pushing almost two year old in buggy and do at least three fitness classes a week, usually BodyBalance, BodyPump and aerobics. I do find that exercise alone isn't enough for me to lose weight but a combination of exercise and healthy eating works for me. I find I can get away with eating more naughty things if I am exercising which is a big plus!!!

Sounds like a good amount of exercise you are planning, all the best and enjoy it!

glitterfairy Wed 21-Apr-04 22:55:28

Oh god sonnet am in despair will I get to the gymm tomorrow! Am in a bar in dublin give me strength!

Earlybird Thu 22-Apr-04 03:13:00

Since the first of the year, I have done the following every week:
1x - Pilates private session at studio
1x - Yoga private session at home (with teacher while dd naps)
2x - Aerobics/weights at gym with trainer
So, that gives me a total of 4x per week. It's expensive, but I'm not going to buy any new clothes at my current size - so, I'm spending the clothing budget on fitness activities. I'm also not drinking alcohol, so justify my exercise costs by calculating how much I'm saving by staying out of the pub and away from the wine store.

Exercising 4x per week sounds like a reasonable amount, and I'm definitely firmer/stronger. However, I'm living in a place where no one walks anywhere, so there's little physical activity built into my daily life. Most of my exercise is calculated/planned. Can't wait to get back to London late May so I can walk around the city again.......problem is that then the structured part of my exercise routine will fall apart!

Sonnet Thu 22-Apr-04 10:03:28

You can do it Glitterfairy....but a bit late I'm sorry..
Right! - what are you up to today, are you still in Dublin?. It is a lovely day here can you manage a brisk walk areound the city or park at some point? - make yourself do it..
Any stairs? - run up them...
Staying in a hotel - does it have a gym/pool?
Go to the privacy of your room and get those 50 sit-up done!!
Goi girl go, you can do it....
Report back here as you do them.
I'm due for a run tonight - I'll let you know hoe I get on....

Demented Thu 22-Apr-04 16:00:55

Another thing I like about exercise is that you can get away with being a bit heavier than if you didn't exercise, I am still overweight by a few pounds but I am now getting into size 12 jeans (Next, so a generous 12), I do want to be in my normal weight range for health reasons but will probably be happy at the high end of it. Muscle weighs more than fat and everything just looks better when it is toned.

Northerner Thu 22-Apr-04 16:08:25

What a great thread Sonnet. I def need some motivation. Before ds I was an avid gym user ( I worked in a hotel and had free gym membership)Can't afford to join a gym now so have been power walking/jogging 3 times a week for 3 weeks so far, but motivation is slightly lacking now. I do walk to work 3 days per week, which is a good 30 minute brisk walk.

Motivation please!

glitterfairy Thu 22-Apr-04 16:12:04

That was very empowering sonnet but unfortunately am back have taken dog for briskish walk though but was exceptionally bad last night and drank too much. Starting detox and gym tomorrow and not away again till May so have time to let my new habits flourish. Enjoy your exercise!

ghengis Fri 23-Apr-04 15:58:34

Help! I joined a gym today and gofor my induction on Monday morning at 10am. Am now having a crisis as to what I should wear. I need to lose 4 stone and although there were all sorts of ages and shapes there I don't want to look like a complete hippo!! Any suggestions?

Cam Fri 23-Apr-04 20:04:23

ghengis, don't worry about it too much, just wear something very comfortable that allows you to move such as a loose T-shirt and a pair of stretch trousers/shorts. Believe me, everyone in a gym is so busy concentrating on themselves, there is no need to feel self conscious! Best of luck with the exercising!

glitterfairy Fri 23-Apr-04 22:01:52

Really dont worry. Just think of how you will look when you've been going a while! I love going to the gym and I wear track suit bottoms and a tee shirt. I normally just get up and go adn shower and wash my hair after so I look dreadful mad hair and worse after sweating for an hour! I just feel like I've done something for me and stragely even though I am probably deeply unattractive in there I feel fine. I do Try not to look in the mirrors too much!

Twink Sat 24-Apr-04 18:29:56

Try wearing something which is not too big nor too tight, then you can use it to monitor your progress.

As Cam & Glitterfairy say, don't worry. Even if you feel as if everyone is watching you, the majority are just concentrating on their own work-outs - if you really feel someone is looking at you either smile & say hello or give a Paddington 'hard stare' depending on how you feel !

I'd go for the former but only with hindsight - I used to go in and keep my head down as I just saw all these slim people with posh kit and didn't want to draw attention to myself but now, having lost weight, I still see the same people & I guess I'm just seen as stand-offish or anti-social but feel it's 'too late' to speak to them.

glitterfairy Sat 24-Apr-04 19:03:17

I just smile but have my ipod on so cant say anything but they are all really friendly including the trainers who are fit men. Mine is women only gym!

ghengis Mon 26-Apr-04 11:25:57

Have just been and I survived! Went into M&S on Saturday and bought a pair of 3/4 length navy legging thingies. Teamed these with a non-clingy v necked t-shirt and it didn't look like I was a slob or trying too hard! Thanks for your suppport and advice all. MN rocks!!!

Twink Mon 26-Apr-04 13:11:16

Great ! When are you going again ?

ghengis Mon 26-Apr-04 13:30:44

Tomorrow at 10am! I didn't have a proper workout today (was shown how to use the equipment) so need to start properly tomorrow. Looking forward to it in a strange sort of way. It's a lovely place and there were all sorts of ages and shapes there.

Twink Mon 26-Apr-04 14:07:55

Fab, hope you enjoy it. I find that by 'booking' it like any other appointment that I'm more likely to go and less likely to double book myself and miss a session. (But then I'm an anorak...)

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