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I'm desperate to lose weight

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sweetteamum Sat 24-Jan-15 15:29:18

That's it really.

It's taken me almost a year to loose the weight I've already lost (1st 5lbs). But, I'm also battling against an under-active thyroid issue, loosing my dad and struggling with depression and being on medication which is putting the weight back on.

I'm currently doing the couch to 5k, eating more mindfully and also doing some stomach exercises each day, split over am & pm, yet the weight is going back on.

Any advice appreciated

bakingtins Sat 24-Jan-15 17:24:23

It sounds like you have an awful lot to deal with flowers
I'd go see your GP for help getting your thyroid levels right, and maybe a change in your AD medication might help.
I'm not sure what eating mindfully means. I've found My Fitness Pal helpful, it shows you where your calories are coming from, helps you plan meals and makes you think twice about whether you really need that -- chocolate-- snack. It might be worth doing it for a week without changing anything to see how many calories you are actually eating.
There was a very interesting documentary series on last week Horizon - what's the best diet for you which had a lot about the psychology and physiology of dieting, as well as identifying three groups of over eaters who might respond best to different diets. It's def worth watching and using whatever applies to you to formulate a strategy.
Find some buddies on here to cheer you on!

sweetteamum Sat 24-Jan-15 20:04:20

Thanks for your reply Bakingtins.

I am actually due a review with my dr next week so it's definitely something I'll be bringing up. I have kept a diary and only put weight on since I've been on ADs

Regards eating mindfully. I guess I'm very careful and have cut out takeaways. I don't really like chocolate or snacks so don't eat stuff like that or even between meals. However, I'm a VERY fussy eater and my diet is quite restricted. I eat things like steak, chicken, stews, minestrone soup, veg, spag Bol, limited fruit (apples & grapes sad), pasta & sauce, yoghurts. I do take 2 sugars in my tea but only have 2 cups a day. Can't think of anything else off hand.

I'll take a look at that. Thank you.

I must add, I'm in a very stressful situation at home as both my children have autism and one of them has adhd and challenging behaviour. So I guess that could also have an impact.

I've got MFP but not used it for a while, so I'll start that again.

bakingtins Sun 25-Jan-15 08:53:20

I home cook most of the time and found MFP a massive faff to start with until I realised you can input your recipes, and it remembers all your regular foods. You might find you can tweak the things you eat regularly (using slimming world or hairy dieters recipes?) to reduce the calories.
I'm sure the stress doesn't help but not much you can do about it courage to change the things you can change, grace to accept the things you can't, wisdom to know the difference

sweetteamum Sun 25-Jan-15 10:50:32

Thank you. Think I should put those words up somewhere.

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