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Weight Loss Advice - struggling to know where to begin!

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MrsNouveauRichards Tue 20-Jan-15 16:31:15

I need to lose a stone. I know it might not seem like a lot, but I'm not very tall so it has nowhere to hide! But mostly I want to lose the weight because it affects me.

I have an active lifestyle (2 children, 2 and a half horses, which I compete, and various jobs)

The problem is that I binge eat. I get hungry so will start to make something to eat, but while doing that will inhale half a pack of biscuits, or a bag of crisps, or pretty much whatever is to hand, and then eat the healthy, nutritious meal I've made, despite not being hungry any longer.

I've tried the low carb diet which I did well on, but found it depressed me, the 5:2 appeals to me greatly but I always manage to cock up the fast days, and I've tried MFP but found I would avoid it if I know I've gone over.

I really enjoy food, and I don't think it's a bad association with diet I have, so much that I am just a bit of a pig!

Any tips would be very welcome, especially any that would be small things I could change.

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Tue 20-Jan-15 19:21:33

I have the same problem. I cook healthy, nutritious meals from scratch, and I binge all day long. I also "forget" to log on MFP when I am over my goal.

At the moment I am in a "starve" phase so I don't have to make a lot of efforts to stay away from the biscuits, but here are a few things that help at other times :

- Planning what I am going to eat the next day, including snacks and treats. It is easier not to scoff down 6 cookies at 11:00AM if I tell myself I can have one at 4PM.

- Going cold turkey on sugar for 3 days if the bingeing gets totally out of control.

- Making small changes that stop you from eating in "zombie mode". For instance, rearranging my cupboards and putting the sweets at the back, in a box forced me to make two extra gestures to get to them. Most times it was enough to make me think and to resist them.

- Instead of thinking in "days" (as in "I have eaten 3 cookies, my day is ruined, might as well have 12 more"), think in hours.

I realise it is not hugely helpful - nothing can stop me when I am in full binge mode. I am still hoping to find some miracle solution one day...

MrsNouveauRichards Tue 20-Jan-15 19:36:28

Thank you. Its nice to know there are others exactly the same!

Parsley1234 Tue 20-Jan-15 19:40:30

I feal like you I need to lose a stone signed up to boot camp didn't prepare to do it then have got vlcd in cupboard started last week then went out Friday drank few wines 52 I thought I'll do mon and thurs nope didn't start that either I find it hard to prioritise me but I am at gym twice a week and started c25k last week I Wd like some tips too x

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