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your finest weightwatchers points tips please ladies

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Heathcliffscathy Tue 20-Apr-04 19:59:01

i have joined up for the free week online. i am starving. i need to know good things to eat for few points. i also need to confirm my estimation that a bottle of wine is 7.5 points . i am going out on thurs with a friend, what is best point low thing to eat so that we can have that bottle? thanks!

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 19:59:35

salad and lots of it

Heathcliffscathy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:02:40

thanks lisa i've just polished off a delicious (?) bowl of raw red peppers...mmmmmm, definitely not aching for great mountains of cheese at all.

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:20:04

Wine is definitely 7.5 points 100ml = 1 point (but since when have you ever had 100ml glass of wine, I ask you!!!)

Save some points if you can - up to 4 a day
Time for a bit of exercise??? Gain bonus points then.

In terms of a meal:

* chicken and white fish is better than steaks and salmon
* have rice instead of potatoes, no bread
* avoid sauces as many are made with oils and butter when out
* most veggies (other than potatoes, peas and beans) are free of points, as is most salad
* if you have pasta choose a tomato based sauce, not cream or cheese based and NO garlic bread
* have a starter NOT a dessert if you want two courses
* drink water, as well as wine - it fills you up (honest!)

And enjoy your meal.

What type of place are you going to? Might be easier to advise?

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:22:17

Oooh cheese, I love cheese and I am missing my cheese on toast - great big slabs of crusty white bread with tons of cheese on

Heathcliffscathy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:22:21

thanks hulababy, don't know where we're going yet, wanted to suggest somewhere that would make this easier so anywhere that is esp ww friendly?

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:22:31

shit - that didn't help did it! Sorry

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:22:50

not pizza hut...

Heathcliffscathy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:23:40

maybe we should start cheese eaters anonymous. hi my name is sophable, it has been one day since i have eaten cheese, and even that isn't true as there was some in my tescos (sorry lisa, never again i swear) healthy version chicken lasagne.

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:27:19

Italians can be good as pasta is okay and you just choose a tomato based sauce, maybe with vegies and chicken/fish. Have salad (no dressing) as a side order. But no cheese and no garlic bread. And has benefit of yummy Italian wine

Avoid pizza places, fast food, Indians and Chinese. Loads of points!!!

Wine bars/pubs - depends on what you choose - go for what I said before in last post. Avoid chips, sandwiches, wraps, etc.

Heathcliffscathy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:28:04

thanks hulababy!

collision Tue 20-Apr-04 20:29:57

An Italian place would be better as you could have

Parma Ham and Melon 2pts
Minestrone Soup 2pts
Salad free without dressing
Pasta with Arabiata Sauce would be 3pts for the pasta and 0.5pts for the sauce.
Sorbet will be very low

175mls of wine will be 2 pts

HTH and DO drink LOTS of water

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:33:18

Some examples for you:

Chinese - beef chop suey = 6
Chinese - beef chow mein = 8.5
Chinese - bolied rice = 6.5
Chinese - chicken and cashew nuts = 6.5
Chinese - chicken fried rice = 9.5
Chinese - chicken with pineapple = 3
Chinese - prawn chop suey = 3
Chinese - sweet and sour pork = 10
Chinese - vegetable spring roll = 5

French - coq au vin = 10
French - crème caramel = 8
French - duck a l'orange = 9
French - french onion soup = 7
French - steak au poivre = 12.5
French - tarte tatin = 9

Indian - balti chicken korma = 21
Indian - chicken tandori (half chicken)= 6
Indian - chicken tikka masala = 21
Indian - chicken vindaloo = 19
Indian - lamb korma = 23
Indian - naan bread = 8
Indian - onion bhajee = 6
Indian - plain boiled rice = 6.5
Indian - prawn dhansak = 16
1Indian - vegetable biryani = 19

Pub grub - Cheddar Ploughman's = 18
Pub grub - Jacket potato with beans and cheese = 9
Pub grub - Lancashire Hot Pot = 13
Pub grub - Meat Pie, Chips and Peas = 21
grub - Plain Omelette and Chips = 14

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:35:31

or you could just stay in with a box of wine and a pound of mature cheddar

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:35:53

god I'm classy

collision Tue 20-Apr-04 20:36:45

23 points for a lamb korma!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAdness.

CountessDracula Tue 20-Apr-04 20:37:32

Sophable go to the Gourmet Burger kitchen you can eat well low fat there. (if you are going out in putney that is)

collision Tue 20-Apr-04 20:37:58

Remind me not to come to you for dinner Lisa!! Imagine the nightmares with 1lb of cheddar!!

Are you typing from your eating out guide, Hula??

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:39:03

No - no guide sadly. Too tight to pay for classes to get any!!! Just the small eating out section from back of MILs book. I have all the points typed on on the computer!

CountessDracula Tue 20-Apr-04 20:44:47

Don't eat cheese. That is my tip

collision Tue 20-Apr-04 20:47:10

There is a fantastic little book called WW Eating Out Guide and it has everything you could want to should get your MIL to get you one as it is very up to date and has lots of popular places in it.

Bradsmum Tue 20-Apr-04 20:49:03

Lisa78 - if I was a bloke I'd be in love with you - a wine box and a pound of mature cheddar (plus a bit of dolcelatte) is my idea of heaven....

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-04 20:51:11

Sadly MIL no longer goes - grrr! She was my source! Have to estimate now, or come on here for those who pay up!

CountessDracula Tue 20-Apr-04 20:53:05

Lisa did you ever see my whisky and chocolate day on WW? I stayed within my points but basically had whisky and choc due to stressful football and broken down tube, it was great!

Lisa78 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:56:10

Right collision, not going to invite you for dinner at my house now, so ner!!!!!!!!

No CD, I missed that dammit, can I do it with gin and cheese?! I saw this fridge magnet I really loved "I'm on the gin and tonic diet - so far, I've lost two days"

I do have my little treat here now, one of thorntons mini caramel biscuits - chocolate, caramel and shortbread all wrapped up in just 2 points... yum

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