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sargentmajorBeetroot Tue 20-Apr-04 18:46:56

Message withdrawn

noddy5 Tue 20-Apr-04 18:59:49

realistically how long before sit ups give results?

sargentmajorBeetroot Tue 20-Apr-04 19:06:59

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy Tue 20-Apr-04 19:13:07

i have done 40. will do 10 after dinner.

gothicmama Tue 20-Apr-04 19:14:16

Fifty I thought it was 40 that'll teach me to lurk

AussieSim Tue 20-Apr-04 19:15:59

I can't as I get headaches and neck pain - are leg raises any good as an alternative do you think?

CountessDracula Tue 20-Apr-04 19:21:17

Done mine

sarochka Tue 20-Apr-04 19:26:29

I thought it was 40 too. Guess I'll have to get myself moving again...

CountessDracula Tue 20-Apr-04 19:33:17

It was 40 but facist face SMBeety intervened and here we are at 50! (I am doing 100 just to really annoy you all, but mainly because I have so much wobble that I;m really desparate)

lydialemon Tue 20-Apr-04 19:37:27

I did 40 this morning, I'll try and sneak another 10 in before Holby and CSI.

sarochka Tue 20-Apr-04 19:41:00

I think I am desperate too. Just went for weigh in and was informed that I've lost the grand total of the weigh in fee and that's it! Despite actually having stuck to it for 2 weeks with no blimps...

ks Tue 20-Apr-04 19:54:35

Message withdrawn

Nutcracker Tue 20-Apr-04 20:02:56

50, i can't do that many. 10 will have me knackered.

sargentmajorBeetroot Tue 20-Apr-04 20:09:39

Message withdrawn

Nutcracker Tue 20-Apr-04 20:11:17

YES SIR (now ??)

jessicarabbit Tue 20-Apr-04 20:19:53

Oh have done 40 and was feeling smug. Well had better do another 10 I suppose.

Tell me are they supposed to be the whole hog i.e. actually SIT (right) UP or just raise your upper body off the floor 45 degrees?

sargentmajorBeetroot Tue 20-Apr-04 20:29:42

Message withdrawn

sargentmajorBeetroot Tue 20-Apr-04 20:30:23

Message withdrawn

Nutcracker Tue 20-Apr-04 21:20:21

O.K i've done them BUT Dp has just gone to get chips and i've already had my tea

I'm hopeless at this.

sargentmajorBeetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 09:15:12

Message withdrawn

Sonnet Wed 21-Apr-04 09:24:40

Just "signing in".
I did 40 last night AND
40 this morning (while waiting for kettle to boil)
Will do another 40 2nite!

maisystar Wed 21-Apr-04 09:26:06

god had forgotton all about them! is my birthday today-can i start tomorrow?

CountessDracula Wed 21-Apr-04 09:29:44

NO! No excuses - what better present could you have than a non wobbly tummy?

Happy birthday btw!

Sonnet Wed 21-Apr-04 09:30:34

That will teach me to lurk.....Will do 50 tonight - was breaking myself in gently...

Heathcliffscathy Wed 21-Apr-04 09:31:20

done 40, will follow sonnet in doing 40 more tonight!

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