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RunnerBeen Sat 17-Jan-15 17:02:19

Is there a diet that gives quite drastic initial results? I know there is no magic wand that makes you slim over night, but a really good kick start is exactly what I want, A stone (or more?) in a month. Is it possible?

I want to lose about 6 stone in total, and I know that I need to be in this for the long haul but I have applied for a nursing course at uni, and I don't want to look like a fat slob at an interview for a career which is supposed to promote health.

I am probably being totally naive and ridiculous but I feel like a good boot in the right direction would really help.

I'm 25, 5"2, 16st and size 18. Reasonably fit physically despite my colossal weight, just started running/walking again.

summerlovingliz Sat 17-Jan-15 17:06:08

Juicing? 7lb in 7 days with David vale, Google it.. My husband had just done it.. Quite hard but he wasn't hungry at all and you then gradually build back up to salads etc

summerlovingliz Sat 17-Jan-15 17:07:54

Jason vale! Not David

RedButtonhole Sat 17-Jan-15 17:23:34

That looks good, has anyone else done it that knows what it involves? Should have said in the OP that I don't have any spare cash to buy packs of milkshakes or books etc.

Have just found a diet that claims you can lose a stone in a week- eating mainly egg and grapefruit. Any thoughts?

RedButtonhole Sat 17-Jan-15 17:23:57

name change fail!

summerlovingliz Sat 17-Jan-15 19:18:48

Think you can download a free app that tells you what you need to put on each juice, the fruit and veg is expensive but obv not eating anything else all wk. you need to buy or borrow a juicer

summerlovingliz Sat 17-Jan-15 19:21:38

Failing that I think just cutting out anything that isn't good for you is the best place to start, lots of soups, salads and fruit. Have you heard of my fitness pal? That's a good way of keeping track

TalkinPeace Sat 17-Jan-15 20:57:11

The ONLY way to keep weight off once you have lost it is to have retrained your brain to eat like a slim person
therefore ANY gimmicky diet will result in the weight piling back on once you go back to your normal

You have to teach yourself a new normal
and the fastest rate it can be done sensibly is 2-3 lb a week at the start and then a pound a week thereafter
which is around 5 stone in a year

and if you change your eating habits, you only have to do it once

RedButtonhole Sat 17-Jan-15 21:11:36

I have a juicer, well I have a blender so I'm sure it will do. I might give thiss a go for a week or two and see how I go, thankyou!

I have used my fitness pal in the past and have just downloaded it to start using again, though I'm not much of a fan of calorie counting, but I like that you can track exercise as well.

Thanks Talkin I know that I need to train myself to eat properly in the long term, but as I said in the OP I want to a good kick-start for appearance purposes in the short term, and hopefully will continue with a non-faddy thing once I have that first bit off.

I lost weight successfully before at 2-3lbs a week, but I don't have time on my side here.

TalkinPeace Sat 17-Jan-15 21:23:26

I lost weight successfully before at 2-3lbs a week
But the fact that you need to do it again shows that you did not retrain your brain ....
come and try 5:2

RedButtonhole Sun 18-Jan-15 00:58:17

I need to do it again because I was in a serious car accident and couldn't excercise or work for several months, excercise was a bit aid to my weight loss before and losing that along with boredom eating was the catalyst in me piling back on.

I have had a look at 5:2, it seems a bit complicated but I'm considering it once I've shifted the first whack!

thinkingofholidays Sun 18-Jan-15 01:08:33

It's not the best way to lose weight (slow and steady) but if you really want to drop weight fast:
1 week nothing but lean protein, water and black coffee. You'll lose about 6llbs
After that, 3 weeks only lean protein and veg (no potatoes)
It's tough but you'll easily lose a stone in a month. After that, stay low fat, low carb, no sugar until you hit target weight.
For me, doing this combined with exercise actually felt great, and the weight stayed off. I continued with the exercise which helped maintain the mindset I think.
Good luck

RedButtonhole Sun 18-Jan-15 07:20:53

Thabkyou thinking, that sounds manageable and straighforward. So literally just lean protein? No veg or anything else for the first week? Just maybe grilled fish, chicken etc?

Not in the habit of eating potatoes much anyway in fact most of my meals consist of chicken, fish or squash with green veg. It's the mountain of crap I consume outside my meals that is my main problem.


500Decibels Sun 18-Jan-15 09:05:46

Have you looked at jumpstart to skinny?
It's a 21 day kickstart where you limit your calories to 800 a day but that doesn't include vegetables which you can eat unlimited amounts of.
You also only eat carbs at breakfast.
Do some exercise before breakfast too.
I've actually started it 3 days ago and am finding it quite easy so far.
There's lots on it if you have a google plus before and after pics of people who've tried it.

thinkingofholidays Sun 18-Jan-15 09:31:07

Hi again, yes, basically eggs, chicken, steak, fish. You can use herbs and spices, but no salt and nothing else really for a week. I forgot to say you must drink at least 3 pints of water a day. It's a bit gross but it kick starts things really well. Good luck!

Dowser Sun 18-Jan-15 12:34:44

The wheat belly diet similar to Dukan diet gives very good weight losses.

popcornpaws Fri 23-Jan-15 00:07:24

I've lost 5 stone since the beginning of july, 1400 cals a day. No gimmicks, no diet clubs, just write down everything you eat.
Dont cheat but if you have a meal out for a birthday for example, go, eat what you fancy then get straight back to your 1400 calls the next day.

RedButtonhole Sat 24-Jan-15 11:29:01

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't responded, haven't been online much.

I started a bit of a crash diet on monday- I think it's mostly chemical related. Egg and Grapefruit diet?

I weighed myself halfway through the week and had lost 7lbs which I was pleased with, hoping for close to a stone come monday.

I admit it's not an easy one to do- I've been boaking a bit at so many eggs, but it has worked.

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