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Obalon gastric balloon

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Suziebar46 Thu 15-Jan-15 16:03:01

Hi all,
I've just had the new obalon balloon on Tuesday and was wondering if anyone else has had it and what side effects you had?
I am getting really bad cramping in my tummy and wondered if this is normal?

letseatgrandma Wed 21-Jan-15 11:21:48

Hi-no useful help here, but I just wondered how you are finding it?

Did you have to go privately to have it fitted?

Suziebar46 Wed 21-Jan-15 14:00:05

Hi, yes it was private as obalon is not available on nhs. It's going very well it's been fitted a week yesterday and I have lost 5.2lb in the first week, I have just had the second balloon put in last night and the bad tummy cramps only lasted 3-4 days and are now gone completely even after having the second balloon in. It is a lot to do with diet change too as you get a nutritional advice with it, the more you change the better the balloon works! But dieting is so much easier to stick to with the balloon because you don't feel hungry xx

Katie18 Tue 27-Jan-15 12:14:49


Have found this post about gastric balloon which clarifies a lot about the treatment, but do not know it is Obalon or not.

Gastric Balloon Information

What is the difference?

Suziebar46 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:05:19

Hi, the difference is that the obalon is new to the uk and is currently only available at spire hospitals, the obalon balloons are swallowed by a capsule attached to a micro catheter so no surgery is involved, they are then filled with a gas so they float in your tummy where as the original balloon is filled with saline solution so sits in the bottom of your tummy which can cause severe sickness and nausea to the point many people have them out early as they can't stand the sickness. But obalon has few side effects, I had quite bad cramping for the first 6 days but now I hardly know it's in there (week 2).
I hope this helps, look up spire hospitals for more info x

Suziebar46 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:11:37

The info you found is quite good and refers to both types of balloon. I found it hard to get info on obalon, more so customer reviews as it is still so new so if you want to know anything feel free to message me!
I am on day 14 and I've lost 8lb now x

TillyPrendooly Sat 14-Feb-15 17:41:11

hi suzie.. Im thinking of having the obalon balloon fitted but very nervous about the stomache cramping and nausea and just really anxious about it all. how did you find the procedure?? did it hurt??

Suziebar46 Sat 14-Feb-15 18:00:36

Hi, no the actual procedure did not hurt at all just felt a bit uncomfortable because of the micro catheter down the back of the throat but not painful at all.
Yes I found the cramps bad for a few days but after that I was absolutely fine and had no sickness or nausea at all. But this is the obalon balloon not the traditional gastric balloon this is very different!! I had the obalon which is only available private through spire hospitals x

honeyjar Sat 23-Apr-16 17:47:32

I am thinking about having a gastric balloon .
I have researched the three types of Balloon, the Obalon, you swallow like a pill. The Orbera, which is put in under sedation and lasts 6 months , finally the Spatz , last 12 months.
Has anyone any experience of the Gastric Balloon ?
if yes , which one did you go for and why?
Where did you have the Procedure done ?
Would you recommend it?
How was your experience.
thank you

Marilynsbigsister Sun 24-Apr-16 19:53:43

Size, I am very interested in the procedure, on behalf of my sister. Can I ask what weight you were roughly when you began. Sister is m.o. and was referred for Bariatric surgery by GP but it cannot be done as she couldn't manage the anaesthetic. Would be interested about this procedure as a stop gap to allow her to get a few stone off' improve her health and allow her to access the gastric surgery recommended .

bubbaerin1 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:43:23

I am thinking about getting this balloon fitted can anyone recommend a reliable and trustworthy clinic?

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