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Does anyone else have really low energy and want to try to improve it with diet and exercise?

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500Decibels Wed 14-Jan-15 11:26:26

I'm so sick of feeling like I have no energy. I've had blood tests done and everything is within acceptable ranges so I really need to look at my diet and exercise levels.

My diet is okish but I tend to rely in quick fixes a lot (bread and biscuits in other words!)

I've cut right back on sugar in the past week and have decided to try to follow a low gi diet. Low carb doesn't suit me and I have no energy to calorie or point count.

There are some really good recipes on BBC.

Has anyone tried this and can give me any tips? Or anyone want to try it with me?

500Decibels Wed 14-Jan-15 11:28:07

And I do need to lose 2 stone too!

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