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slimming world? weight watchers?

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nightowl Tue 20-Apr-04 02:04:01

These are the two diets i am i said in my other thread, i dont have time for meetings etc. Does anyone have any idea of cost, online access and all the rest?

nightowl Fri 23-Apr-04 01:15:55

bump! no-one loves me sob sob...

ragtaggle Fri 23-Apr-04 07:15:14

Not sure nightowl. I do know that you can find out the cost of weightwatchers online on

I joined four weeks ago after deciding that the extra baby weight I'm carrying is making me miserable. Also, I was breastfeeding and didn't know how to diet while doing that. In the past four and a half week I have lost ten pounds and feel so much better. I still have thirteen pounds to go to get down to my pre-pregnancy work of ten stone. I haven't looked back - it's such a sensible diet with no food groups cut out at all. It means you never have to tell anyone you are dieting and you don't feel too deprived (Although show me a diet where you never feel deprived at all !)

kiwisbird Sun 09-May-04 14:16:23

I've been on ww online for 4 days and have lost 5lbs already, it is really good, I am doing it with my dh so it is easier to stick too!
Very easy diet, you don't miss out on anything you like!

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