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Anyone want to be buddies on my fitness pal?

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NewToAllThis11 Thu 08-Jan-15 09:57:14

Have used MFP on and off for a while, but just checked it and the last time I logged my food and exercise was May! blush

Am 5'6" and currently weigh about 11 and a half stone sad

The weight has crept on since having DS and I really want to sort myself out now. My ideal weight is around 10 stone, or a little bit more. That's where I feel best about myself.
Have been eating EVERYTHING for over a year but it's time to sort it out now. Does anyone want to be buddies on MFP for support and encouragement - it's a bit lonely on your own!

butwhythistimemummy Thu 08-Jan-15 16:20:55

Yes, do you want to pm me your user?

ScrabbleScrabble Thu 08-Jan-15 17:59:33

& me! I've just logged back in after a break too...

NewToAllThis11 Thu 08-Jan-15 23:11:28

Ooh, hello! Yes, will pm both of you.

Nyancat Fri 09-Jan-15 17:55:19

yes please. I've just logged back in has dc2 10 days ago and want to try and take advantage of new year to get back to pre Dc1 weight which I never really managed in 3 years. if you want to pm me too smile

yumyumpoppycat Fri 09-Jan-15 18:17:55

Can I join in too please, will pm you. I do best when I avoid wheat and sweets. I am going to start logging and exercising on sunday I think, but going to eat whatever I want tomorrow. will we all be able to find each other through newtoallthis?

NewToAllThis11 Fri 09-Jan-15 23:04:27

Hello, hello. Ok, nyancat and yum yum - I will message you with my name now. Hopefully we will all be able to find each other.
I'm not doing too well today, diet wise. Just had some chocolate; the evening is my weakest time. Think I have conditioned myself to expect something sweet after dinner, even if Im full.
Has anyone weighed food? I weighed my granola this morning, thinking it would be around 45g like the serving size says, but it was 95g and about 500 calories! I need to work on portion control!

yumyumpoppycat Sat 10-Jan-15 12:45:15

I have taken my first ever before photos hands on hips front side and back....not a pretty sight...if that cant keep me on track nothing can grin going to do measurments and weight tomorrow before breakfats and weigh once at the weekend.

ScrabbleScrabble Sat 10-Jan-15 14:17:35

Thanks New! Yes, I was eating a massive bowl of cereal each morning which was probably about 4 times the portion size on the box! I've just tried switching to porridge which has the novelty of being hot and does seem to keep me going to longer, with less of a sugar craving later.
I measure the oats into the saucepan last thing at night so it's almost ready to go. I also got rid of the other cereal so there's nothing to tempt me first tying when I can hardly open my eyes!

Yumyum, very brave, well done! I should do that...

Do pm me with your username on MFP anyone else, and I'll add you too. I think knowing other people can see me will help!

Nyancat sounds similar to you - I've got 3 stone to lose, 1.5 to get back to pre 2nd pregnancy and 1.5 to get back to pre 1st!

Good luck over the weekend everyone.

Idefix Sat 10-Jan-15 17:26:12

Can you pm me too! I have had a little break over Christmas grin
Tend to do a slimming world healthy eating approach, trying hard to do dry January too.
Did spinning for the first time on Thursday - can see how it will be giving me a weightless boost lol.

yumyumpoppycat Sat 10-Jan-15 17:58:30

Scrabble I have added you and if anyone else wants to pm me too please do!

I am not logging today but have eaten some leftover selection box choccies and planning on sharing wine and a waitrose curry bag with dp later and not sure I am ready to face the calorie reality!

yumyumpoppycat Sat 10-Jan-15 18:15:47

I was just looking on mfp and my mbr (amount of calories I can eat without gaining weight if not exercising) is less than 1500!!!? No wonder I am overweight if thats right.

yumyumpoppycat Sat 10-Jan-15 18:17:16

sorry it is bmr (base metabolic rate) not mbr - the shock was making me type too fast..

PinkPeanuts Sat 10-Jan-15 20:54:04

I've just started again after a looooong break. My weight has crept up to 16st (I'm 5'9) and I'm so down about it sad. Please PM me with your usernames! All encouragement/inspiration gratefully received!

QueenFuri Sun 11-Jan-15 08:43:16

I've not logged since September! I lost 38lbs and weighing myself yesterday I have put on just over a stone since then, back on it tomorrow I'd like some new friends on it.

Justputyourshoesonnow Sun 11-Jan-15 09:10:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yumyumpoppycat Sun 11-Jan-15 15:17:06

Can't believe how quickly the calories add up - I only have 300 left!

NewToAllThis11 Sun 11-Jan-15 17:37:36

Ladies, I have been pretty dreadful the last couple of days. Ended up eating about half a loaf of bread for various reasons yesterday and had a really bad stomachache in the evening - anyone else get that if they eat loads of bread /carbs?

Today I've had some cereal and then went out for lunch and had a sort of diner breakfast thing (poached eggs, bit of sausage and bacon, beans, fried potatoes). I dread to think how many calories were in that! It's also not the sort of thing I'd usually eat at all. Must get focussed. NOW.

Bluetonic123 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:17:59

I am using my fitnesspal at the moment and would like more friends. PM me your username if you would like me to add you.

I used it last year and went from about 12 stone (not great at 5 foot 4) down to 10 stone 5 in 2012. I weighed myself on New Years Day and I have crept back up to 11. I'd like to get down to 10 stone this time.

twinkle183 Mon 12-Jan-15 03:03:14

Me, Me (Waving hand). It worked for me last year... but gave up and now find myself back at square one with 2-3 stone to loose. So please add me as I need a right royal kick up the bottom!!! My mfp name is the same as here!

Momagain1 Thu 15-Jan-15 13:19:38

Me! Over here! My username there is Nilzed
It works well for me, better than trying to diet any other way. Better meaning, i last about 3 months instead of one before getting out of the habit. Trying to start again.

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Fri 16-Jan-15 10:02:14

I went off the wagon at the end of October, and started again 9 days ago. I have "only" put on 3-4lbs (TBH I thought it would be at least 20 when I stepped on the scales) but I must have lost 5lbs of muscle and put on 8lbs of fat - 2 weeks ago a pair of trousers that used to be too big ripped open when I sat down blush.

I am 5'7 and I would like to reach 11st (that's a size 12 for me).
I am LadyGisborne on MFP.

yumyumpoppycat Fri 16-Jan-15 18:24:08

Hi senatus the same thing happened to my trousers last week when I bent down dropping my daughter off blush worse bit is they were fairly new and I was on my way to work... I blame poor trouser manufacture wink

I am not doing incredibly well guys, but not going off into binge mode so at least that's good...its more the quality than the quantity that's an issue. Am keeping up with new exercise routine though.

How about new and everyone else?

BritabroadinAsia Wed 21-Jan-15 05:22:56

Hi all - can I join you please? Will pm you with MFP user name if I can remember it

Had an injury which has meant I've been doing far less exercise over last 3 months and what with eating a mountain of cheese and mince pies over Christmas have gained 7lb, which means total weight loss required now back up to 2 stone... and I'm not great at logging into/following MFP.

So collective arse kicking much appreciated!

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