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Jason Vale's 5lb in 5 days

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chimichanga1976 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:04:32

Hiya, has anybody done this juice programme before?

I'm def gonna start this month, I'm just waiting on the sale to start in the local electrical shop here! I'm in Holland and they're a bit slow for some reason : / I've been in 3X to ask when the sale's starting and they always say they don't know, bollocks!

Buying a juicer is quite an investment so I want to get a decent one, so if I get one in the sale I should be able to afford a better quality one. How I miss Amazon UK : (

I watched his new doc, Super Juice Me, and it was really inspiring. Then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, also fab. I'm not even doing this for weight loss, primarily ( though I am about 1st overweight ) but more for improved health generally. The weight loss would be more of a bonus. Tho I'd be gutted if I lost next to nowt, obv ( surely impossible! )

If the damn shop hasn't got it's sale on by mid-month then, "bollocks to it!", I shall just go ahead and get a Philips juicer and hope my husband doesn't have a fit. He's got an irrational hatred of kitchen gadgets ( esp pricey ones ) and was disproportionately happy when my salad - spinner died! Strange bloke. I will tell him it's my Xmas present, lol!

So if anyone's had success with any of Jason's programmes I'd sure like to hear from you, or if you too are thinking of starting, it'd be great to have some support. I reckon the hardest thing will be cooking meals for my husband and daughter while I'm on juice only!

Cheers and HNY : )

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