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Starting today? Want to kick start your weight loss?

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Dowser Mon 05-Jan-15 09:32:24

For other reasons( poor digestive system, bloating and fluid retention) I decided to go gluten free.

I stumbled across a book by Dr Davis called Wheatbelly.

I ordered it and practically read it in a day.

He explained how modern wheat has been engineered to produce two yields a year and it's half the size of wheat grown thirty years ago which we tolerated better. Also dough would have a long proove, unlike the quick proove it gets in modern bakeries today.

Our digestive problems could be linked to modern foods and farming methods. He suggested by giving up wheat and other gluten foods our digestions should improve.

I was really suffering so I decided to give it a go. Losing weight wasn't my main motivation. I just wanted to get through a day without being bloated and in pain.

Well the weight fell off and I started to feel better which was great.

It's not for the faint hearted. Our western diets are very wheat based and any major diet change can make you feel tired and lethargic but I persevered.

A couple of years ago I needed a colonoscopy. You have a week of a special diet. Can't remember exactly. It was no milk, fruit or veg I believe but you could have wheat. Of course I didn't. Just ate protein and potatoes. The weight fell off again.

Remember the celebrities in the jungle . Edwina currie lost a stone in two weeks. I don't remember them having bread. Rice and beans seemed to be their staple, maybe they had porridge for breakfast. Oats do have gluten but I don't think the crop has been messed about with like wheat has.

Anyway if you want a quick start you might want to give it a try. Certainly in my youth as a child of the fifties and sixties I never saw muffin tops like we see now. Something has changed. All this glucose- fructose syrup? I mean what's that. That's not a proper food surely? What's wrong with a little bit of proper cane sugar now and then.

I'd hate to sit on any information that might help another woman so, fwiw here's a link to Dr Davis blog

I remember his first scenario where a very overweight man came to him desperate to shed some of it and he said don't make me give up meat. So the dic told him just to eat protein and this man regularly lost a lot of weight. He tested his bloods each week and everything was good.

I couldn't do just that. Too boring and he doesn't advocate that you should. I should dig my book out and re- read it

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