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SW or WW

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glitternanny Sat 03-Jan-15 08:11:57

So... I did SW last year and lost nearly 2 stone (I think)

then lost my job, man and changed my routine completely with new working hours

I did what I always do really and life got in the way.

So I need to kick my fat behind into action... I did WW YEARS ago

Just trying to work out what's best for me now.

I'm out the house a lot but as a nanny do have access to kitchens.

And I could try really hard to eat with the kids at work cos when I get home and get my boy to bed I cba to start cooking at 7:45 - its too late and I just wanna relax so I end up with toast/cereal for my dinner.

But if I made the effort SW could work again.

I know nothing about the updates to each plans so thought I'd ask on here for some help.

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