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Non-Scale Weightloss Thread

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siiiiiiiiigh Thu 01-Jan-15 15:51:15

I have started most years of my adult life by weighing myself, sighing, declaring "Never Again"...and repeat.

The thing that trips me up is weighing myself. The numbers have a power over my mood - if the numbers are favourable I'm happy, and the slightest stasis or gain...and I think "och, fuck it. I'm just fat".

So. This year I am not weighing myself. I am going to walk everywhere and swim x3 a week and I am going to eat fewer carbs, drink more water, alcohol only at the weekends and I am going to get proper sleep.

No diet. No scales. No measuring tape. Just good habits.

A thread on which to report Non-Scale-Victories might be motivating - here's my first:

I rediscovered my collar bone last year. It's receded slightly after the Festive Food Fest, but, it's still there and I like the way that the rolls of fat on my neck have gone and there's a bit of muscle definition there. My neck is short and stumpy, but, less lardy. I'd like to have a proper jawline next.

When I do, I'm going to get a necklace chain lengthened so I'll wear the necklace and celebrate my short-and-stumpy-but-beautiful neck.


Dowser Thu 01-Jan-15 16:59:35

Yes count me in. Absolutely. Every time I got weighed I ate chocolate to celebrate my weight loss or to commiserate standing still.

I'm around 11 stone mark, plus or minus I dont know. Don't want to know. I know what a slim tummy feels like and I don't have one of those yet.

I have dresses that range in my wardrobe from an 8-18 depending on style and fabric..

Tomorrow, as it's another day, I'll try the 8 and see how tight it is. Then wear it for punishment....that's a joke btw

If I could be bothered I would go through my winter wardrobe of dresses and put into piles of tight fit, snug fit and just right with a pound or two off and work towards tight fit feeling ok or better if there was pound or two less.

It's awkward at my age. I don't want to look haggard, so I have to wear the bum and belly fat for the sake of my face.

Thankgoodness I don't have chicken legs and I'm pretty evenly distributed.

siiiiiiiiigh Fri 02-Jan-15 10:20:44

"chicken legs" made me chuckle - I've never heard of that, but, I know a few folk who strut about on some.

I've always been between a 14-22 since I was about 14.

I have really indulged myself over the Festivities - been a stressful year and I've deliberately had a lot of fun, by which I mean food and drink.

So, I've had an objective look at my body in the mirror. To see if I can spot the differences.

I'm quite dissociated from my body, I've always been too fat, so I only really look at the neck up in mirrors.

Wasn't as bad as I'd thought.

So, finished off the wine and pate last night. Better eating starts today. Just as soon as my hangover passes...

Dowser Fri 02-Jan-15 12:10:49

Yes If I'd inherited my aunts thin legs I would really be in a pickle. Definitely would be an 18-20 at this weight I'm sure.

Thankfully, I'm more hour glass with medium size legs.

I started Mfp yesterday. I stuck to 1200 cals, but it was hard. Really hard.

That one thorntons choccie was not enough!

I'm just unmotivated. I've been at this point so many times I suppose.

I need to fit a wedding dress in the springtime. If that doesn't motivate I might as well dive into a vat of molten chocolate.

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