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losing weight post pregnancy/mental health condition/hypothyroid?

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livingzuid Sun 28-Dec-14 16:57:55

Just looking for some inspiration and advice from people who have gone through similar. I used to be a 12-14 quite happily for many years, fit and active after CBT for eating problems. SW worked really well for a long time (many years) till I got sick again and diagnosed with bipolar. I then got diagnosed with hypothyroid last year and have always found it really hard to control my weight in certain episodes which I now realise was linked to my mental health.

Then I got pregnant Oct 2013 and after a long bout of hyperemesis the only thing I could eat were regular cycles of junk food from KFC to McDonalds depending on what my hormones wanted that day, the prevailing one being quarter pounders sad It was so depressing just in itself.

I have hardly been near a crappy food outlet since DD arrived 7 months ago but with another bipolar incident have struggled to lose the pregnancy weight. Increased anxiety and stress means the pounds just don't shift. I was horrified to see I was at around 95kg (over 15st). I had an assisted delivery but even when I bend over I can feel the fat pulling at my stomach muscles and how weak that whole area is. I have never been this large before in my life. DH also is clinically obese at 155kg and we both acknowledge we have not done each other any favours these last few years with food.

So...I don't want to be fat and unable to play properly with my DD when she gets older. I want to lose 30kg over this year. We got an exercise bike and some free weights and have made a good start on exercise.

Food-wise I have made it my goal to dramatically reduce the amount of sugar and bad carbs I have. I am a big believer in watching how much sugar is being consumed, whether it is through chocolate or through carbs converting to sugar. I charted my mood changes once when I took sugar out and it was quite extraordinary. I also have the Good Mood Diet book which is for people with depression I think. I have a bit of a problem as my lithium can make me feel quite sick in the evenings so sometimes I have to eat quite late (after 8pm) or I get rather unwell. So far these last 2 days I have stuck to lots of protein and some veggies and just a small hot chocolate before bed (works to combat the lithium effect so far!).

Does anyone have any other tips and tricks that have worked for them in shedding the pounds whilst dealing with a mh/thyroid/medication issue? Or does the above sound right? Thank you smile

tb Tue 30-Dec-14 16:09:16

I've a very underactive thyroid, and by the time it was diagnosed, I'd put on 10 stone in the 12 years following a car accident that fractured a spine on my neck vertebra.

I also have very low vitamin D. This is essential for good thyroid function. Added to which, 10 years after beginning treatment, I found that I don't convert thyroxine to the active form of the hormone, so taking it wasn't doing me any good at all.

I tried Cambridge, but the terrible constipation defeated me. After reading positive results on here, I've tried Slim and Save and lost nearly 30kg. I started at the end of May, and despite 6 weeks in hospital and a week away on holiday, I've gone from 128kg to 107kg. I've been as low as 103kg, but have gone up a little.

There's good support on the site, and also by phone if required.

I've found there's more variety than Cambridge, and I prefer the taste. Also, it's cheaper.

My biggest enemy, however, is the constipation.

Good luck.

Booradley77 Wed 31-Dec-14 23:02:01

Hello living
Hope you feeling a lot better after so much going on. I had mh issues in early 20s and sympathise totally.
Was diagnosed hypothyroid after 3rd pregnancy 2 years ago and still struggling massively with weight issues.

I take armour thyroid and am working at about 80%- weight gain being only problem (no tiredness, hair loss etc that I experienced on levothyroxine any more).

I eat so healthily and am at gym 6 days per week- as my doctor said I should be size 8.

So frustrating to look so unhealthily and feel so uncomfortable and ill at ease with myself after so much work. It has affected my self esteem and confidence massively despite never being Cain previous to such weight gain.

Sorry I can't offer any solutions, just offering sympathyflowers

Booradley77 Wed 31-Dec-14 23:02:50

Sorry vain, not Cain!!

Booradley77 Wed 31-Dec-14 23:05:50

Like tb I have decided on vlcd route and am resolute on starting exante tomorrow - it better work, I have bought food packs up to end aprilgrin. Enjoying my last wine and cake tonight before 12.

livingzuid Tue 06-Jan-15 09:37:52

Thank you all smile sorry for the late reply have been away.

tb I will look that up - it sounds very interesting. I worry too about constipation with low-carb diets but if it works then it is worth a go - seems to have been great for you.

Booradley77 thanks to you as well. It is so miserable. I never used to weigh above around 65 kg or 70 at my absolute maximum. To be nearly 100kg is shocking to me. You feel like a prisoner in your own body. I just wear shapless baggy things now to hide away. And good luck with the VLCD route smile

I've decided to start by cutting processed sugar from my diet and limiting carbs to things like potatoes. I want to keep it easy. I did really well last week but then had nutella on toast today for want of anything in the house and a glass of wine with dinner lat night! But will be back on the wagon from tomorrow. It's a bit stressful as we are moving but I will do my best. I found that after a week of no sugar when I did have some it was actually gross (But the wine was nice hehe). So there is hope?

I do think it is the thyroid more than anything else contributing to this inability to shift the wait for all of us. It can't be anything else. Scary to think how much of you it controls...

Good luck to you all smile

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