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Mumsnet Mamas Week 16

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Demented Sun 18-Apr-04 23:11:55

Ooops nearly forgot to start this!

I need a big kick up the bum the week, I have been eating like a pig, it's a miracle I have lost any weight over the last two weeks and I think the pounds are coming to get me nowwwww!!!!!

Hulababy Mon 19-Apr-04 11:50:05

I restart dieting again today - along with DH. Will restart getting weighed again on Thursdays as normal. Going to get bnack to recording food and points each day to start with as well - just to make sure. Want to lose about another 3/4-1 stone (will hav eput 3 or 4 pounds on anyway) but starting lower at least. Here goes...

Earlybird Mon 19-Apr-04 12:19:16

Yes, I need to publicly declare myself too and get focused again. I have had a grim two weeks in terms of eating - no discipline or restraint. Haven't counted points as I've been way over what I'm allowed per day - too much alcohol, and too many desserts. Easter and a cousin's wedding (4 parties with yummy food put me well over the edge!) meant a complete loss of self control. Haven't been near a scale as I dread it - unsure if it would serve to motivate or depress!! But I am now officially back on program. I've come too far (and have too far to go) to give up now! Must go get a big glass of water, and start guzzling.....Here's to a good week for all!

Demented Mon 19-Apr-04 16:53:08

Welcome back Hulababy!

I'm sure we can all help each other get back on track. I have been ignoring points the last couple of weeks too, it's all too easy to have too much!

On a positive note I was in town without the kids today and had a fantasy about taking size 12 jeans into the changingroom at Next, so I thought why not? THEY FITTED!!!!!! I haven't been a 12 for about 10 years! I then went into Per Una (IMO their trousers tend to be smaller made than Next), took a 12 and a 14 into the changingroom, 14 too big, 12 too small!

I think this has made me reassess how much weight I want to lose, I had been thinking about going for 10st 7lbs but I think this may be too light, I am 11st 11lbs just now and probably 11st would be a better target, it would be great to be a comfortable 12 and be able to maintain it, if I behave myself that's only 11lbs to go, I can surely do that?

Hulababy Mon 19-Apr-04 16:54:27

Yeah Well done. Isn't that a fab feeling to get into the smaller size? Excellent

Demented Wed 21-Apr-04 18:41:24


Demented Thu 22-Apr-04 21:40:52

I've had a few e-mails but not many, cut off tomorrow at 6pm!

Demented Fri 23-Apr-04 13:59:04

Hulababy, thought you were joining us again this week?

gothicmama Fri 23-Apr-04 14:01:28

Well done demented - did you get my mail
I've final lost some

juniper68 Fri 23-Apr-04 18:09:52

sorry demented just remembered to email.

Big well done on the size 12, I'm almost there I'm going to a school reunion next Sat (1st) so would love to get into a 12. Need to tone my tum though so started sit ups today

Hulababy Fri 23-Apr-04 19:50:08

Sorry - I forgot!!! But I am back on doing the points this week. I did get weighed and on the past 4 weeks of not dieting I have put on 4 pounds, so restarting at 9s2.

Demented Fri 23-Apr-04 20:59:40


Hulababy -4.0 9.5
Demented 1.0 22.0
Applepie -2.0 8.0
Juniper68 1.0 5.0
Pollyanna -1.0 3.0
Sassy 0.0 1.0
Wintye 1.5 6.5
Lisa78 3.0 11.5

Total -0.5 66.5

Well done everyone!!!

Welcome back to Hulababy! I'm sure those few extra pounds will just fall off again!

Gold star to Lisa78 who has done very well lin the past couple of weeks, 3lbs this week, 2.5lbs last week, Lisa's top tip is lots of walking. Let's all get out there and start pounding the streets!

Gothicmamma, I'm sorry I haven't received your mail (unless you are the person I e-mail earlier saying I wasn't sure who you were as there was no nickname???), we are with Virgin and they are revamping their e-mail just now and we have had one or two teething problems, do you want to send the e-mail again or post your loss here? I will add you later.

gothicmama Fri 23-Apr-04 21:49:47

I lost a pound this week -

gothicmama Fri 23-Apr-04 21:51:09

just checked it was me who forgot nick name doh

Lisa78 Fri 23-Apr-04 22:19:00

I've only got about 7-10 lbs to go and I've been shopping to celebrate (DH is hiding my credit card )
Got two suits, one in beige skirt and jacket, a purply lilac one - skirt, trousers and jacket, shoes, bag and two tops! It was such a good feeling to send my friend back to get me a skirt in a smaller size
Now all I need is an outfit for this wedding in 3 weeks - but I have a couple of ideas!
Am so excited that the weight is finally shifting, even if I have had to walk a marathon every week

Lisa78 Fri 23-Apr-04 22:19:31

actually, 3 tops!

SEXGODDESS Sat 24-Apr-04 09:01:18

Please can I join this group. I lost 2 stone last year but a nearly a stone crept on over xmas and hasn't gone away yet. I've been trying to follow the WW diet and would quite like to lose 4 stone.

Demented Sat 24-Apr-04 10:12:20


Gothicmama 1.0 1.0

Well done! There will be no stopping you now!

Demented Sat 24-Apr-04 10:17:13

SEXGODDESS I am in possession of the spreadsheet, if you mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, goal weight (if any), make sure you include your nickname, then mail me every Thursday with your loss for the week and it will be announced on a Friday evening before 9pm (little people permitting).

We all aim to provide motivation and recipes to keep each other going!

All the best!

Demented Sat 24-Apr-04 10:18:26

Arrgh, sorry it's me again! Lisa well done on the shopping trip and the smaller size, feels good doesn't it!

wintye Sat 24-Apr-04 23:09:47

Lisa 78 - Tell me again how good it felt to buy smaller sizes. I have pigged out for about 3 days on take-away's. I have to try harder. I have loads to lose.

Congrats on that though.

Allegra Mon 26-Apr-04 16:46:47

Well done to everyone who lost weight last week. I've put on 3 pounds on holiday I'll be living on no points soup this week.

juniper68 Mon 26-Apr-04 16:55:47

My size 14s are getting baggy but 12s a bit too small My boobs are still 34DD though. I'm at a school reunion on Saturday (20 yrs) and they'll get a shock as I was AA at school

Well done lisa on the size 12

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