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Anyone else want to start eating mindfully

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Octopus37 Sat 27-Dec-14 17:03:08

I have decided that is what I am trying to do, cause if I say diet, fast, no snacks, ban anything no carbs, I will panic and break it. I'm not massively overweight, although I am the same weight I was just after having DS2 at the moment after xmas (8st10, I am 5ft5).Told myself that I wanted to be 8st for my 40th (now less than 2 weeks ago), lo carbed, had a couple of bad days and put the few pounds on that I had lost very quickly. Know that I eat mindlessly as I see food as a real pleasure, eat more when stressed, eat to relax etc. Have had a difficult year, but have decided to adopt the following rules

More exercise, I walk quite a lot anyway, but I am going to increase this as also helps my MH
Really try not to eat for the sake of it,ie just cause the kids are having a snack after school
Eat what I really want, rather than eating around a craving
Try to look at whether I am actually hungry or whether it is something else I need
Not see food as the enemy, want to continue to enjoy food and drink (dont drink lots of alcohol but do enjoy a couple of pints now and again, luckily I am mindful about this and dont drink for the sake of it, have a definite off button and drink what I really like, eg a pint of cider, rather than shorts, wines etc that I dont care for. Maybe I should learn to eat how I drink lol
Really try not to beat myself up for not being perfect

Know that I wont be 8st for my 40th, but would like to get on the right hand side of 8st7 by then (9th Jan)

perfectlybroken Sat 27-Dec-14 17:09:32

I like the idea of eating mindfully. I've recently lost a lot if weight without trying due to some medication and a couple of other factors, feel great but suspect I may but it all back on very quickly! So I'll join you in eating mindfully. Can I ask why you want to lose weight? At 5:2 my ideal weight is 8 and a half stone.

reallystuckonthisone Sat 27-Dec-14 17:14:42

I thinl this approach is what I need to adopt. I have been very successful on WW previously but I know for a fact that I can't diet properly at the moment, I have a ft job, a nearly2-yr old DD and 2 ageing dogs who need taking care of before I can get to myself. I know other people lose weight and do all this, but me? No. I know my limits.
I will try to adopt your approach too OP. I have much more to lose, including a stone of unshifted baby weight, but if I can lose that stone in the next 3-4 months I will be happy.

Octopus37 Sat 27-Dec-14 17:18:39

Perfectlybroken, I'm a small body frame, so any extra weight shows very quickly, at the moment have a big butt and tummy and its getting to the point where my clothes dont look good and I dont want to go up a dress size. Reallystuck, I'm the same, life is too full to diet, also seeing this as a longer term solution/habit.

ocelot41 Sat 27-Dec-14 17:24:10

Me, me, me! I have a boomerang half stone which I keep losing and it keeps coming back. Am 5 ft5 and 10 stone 2.

There is diabetes in my family and a form of arthritis which is partially triggered by placing extra weight on the joints I. am also small framed so although its not a lot extra, it doesnt sit well on me - I just look matronly! So clearly I need to change something FOR GOOD.

Octopus37 Sat 27-Dec-14 19:47:45

I didn't snack at all this afternoon, had two slices of peanut butter on toast and some chocolate brownie with custard for dinner - which was exactly what I wanted. Dont want anything else so not tempted to pick. By the way, focus not really on healthy eating at the moment, more on eating when hungry stopping when full.

ELR Sun 28-Dec-14 09:13:50

Hi all,I will join as this is exactly what I want and need to do.
I'm 5ft4 and 10st8 size 12 with a small to medium frame.
I look fine but look and feel better around 10st. Ideally I would like to be 9st8.
This year has been a nightmare with various autoimmune health issues and as a result I am now gluten free, and can't eat after 7pm at night due to having to take medication. I thought this would help me loose some weight but so far it's made no difference.
I think the key for me is not snacking and doing more exercise although this is difficult as I'm tired a lot of the time.
So mindful eating will def help, and more water too.
My hubbie bought me this book for Christmas and so far it is interesting some of the food is a little health freak but generally it's good.

RunningKatie Sun 28-Dec-14 13:31:42

I need to do this too, at the moment I wander into the kitchen and just aimlessly eat. I also turn 40 in January but can only dream of 8 stone! wink

I've borrowed the Paul McKenna Emotional Eating book from the library and am trying to apply his ideas. not sure how mindful you can be when asking small children to eat vegetables

I'm going to start exercising again once the ice has shifted, too dangerous to take the dc's out at the moment.

MiddleAgeMiddleEngland Mon 29-Dec-14 18:04:15

I think one thing which helps is always to eat food properly. Off a nice plate, sitting at a table or whatever. Having a rule about not just picking really helps.

Eating slowly with your eyes shut so you can really focus on the taste and texture is good but obviously not a very sociable thing to do. Best for meals alone.

I used to know an old lady who although she had lived alone for years, always put her food on a nice tray with a tiny vase of flowers, a cloth napkin and good crockery and cutlery.

RichardParkerTheTiger Mon 29-Dec-14 20:26:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ELR Tue 30-Dec-14 21:22:57

I have eaten so badly yesterday and today. I'm sure the fact I declared I was going to eat mindfully has made it worse! Oh well def starting it in the new year!

Octopus37 Wed 31-Dec-14 08:51:12

Yesterday was a bit of a right off for me, but have had a couple of vaguely better days, less food but still junk if that makes sense. Did do a fair bit of walking yesterday, will weigh in a bit later, will be pleased if I have lost a pound.

RunningKatie Wed 31-Dec-14 13:30:46

I need to do this from the start of a meal, but I do remember after a few bites to slow down and I've really noticed I'm taking longer and leaving bits.

Hoping that I can sustain this. DH has bought a tonne of cheese for tomorrow as we have PILs over, and I adore cheeese.

Octopus37 Wed 31-Dec-14 16:35:18

Well done Running Katie, I haven't been great today cause I am at home all day, looking forward to getting back into a routine

Octopus37 Fri 02-Jan-15 19:32:23

Pretty gutted, despite not being that bad, I was two pounds more up today on the scales in Boots, was really hoping for a marginal loss. Have downloaded a pedometer on my phone today and did 10,000 steps without too much effort, walked into town and lots of dancing. Need to build on this, think is I am so bad at not eating what I want (thrownback to earlier ed). I'm trying to find it hard to fight being totally down about being nearly a stone heavier than I wanted to be when I turn 40, no somehow that I cannot lose 12 pounds in 6 days lol. On the plus side bought a good new foundation and lipstick (No7 skin match) and the assistant said my skin looked in quite good condition. Aim to get to my goal weight somehow this year.

Dowser Fri 02-Jan-15 20:48:26

I'm gluten free. When I first went gluten free the weight dropped off.

I've gained it back and now it's harder to shift.

Plus I'm tired all the time.

I'm having to eat rice on a night with evening meal.

reallystuckonthisone Fri 02-Jan-15 21:17:02

Today was the first day of mindful eating and generally being healthier for me.
I did some exercise for the first time since the end of November and felt great. Also had reasonable success eating mindfully. No snacking, ate a small but adequate breakfast, some oatcakes with salmon pate plus an apple for lunch and then a butternut squash risotto with salad for dinner. I have snacked a bit this evening - but I had planned to do so and it wasn't excessive. I feel quite pleased with day 1.

Octopus37 Sat 03-Jan-15 09:46:55

Have just eaten a bowl of minibix fruit and nut for breakfast, not too bad I suppose. Hopefully will have a good day today, got a pedometer on my iphone yesterday and managed 10,000 steps without too much effort which Ii was quite pleased about, aim to do a it more today.

Octopus37 Sat 03-Jan-15 18:49:11

Have done ok today, baked potato with coleslaw for lunch, tomato and lentil soup with a crust of dry toast for tea which was yum. If I eat a twirl bar will not be the end of the world, will see how I feel. Also nearly done my 12,000 steps goal today.

RunningKatie Sun 04-Jan-15 13:46:48

I've had a bad few days, poor planning meant a birthday meal out and an all you can eat buffet on the same day.

Back to it, I'm working to cut out snacks and to really taste food.

We have so much left from Christmas, all the chocolate has been put in the spare room, normally I would have made inroads into it by now.

Snowfire Sun 04-Jan-15 17:36:10

I love the idea of mindful eating, I'm also about to turn 40 (10th Jan) feeling like I need to look after myself a bit more smile

I have just started using MyFitnessPal which is helping me keep track of what I'm doing and I can monitor my progress without having to stick to any rules.

I've also just bought some fab new trainers to get me back to regular running after some minor injuries last year.

Octopus37 Sun 04-Jan-15 20:33:33

Wow Snowfire, you are the day after me. Did 13,000 steps today so was quite pleased. Eating is a bit hit and miss, definitely more mindful but not all the way there. Looking forward to going back to normal tomorrow, kids back to school and have quite a lot of work to do which is good.

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