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Juice diets

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ChlorinePerfume Sat 20-Dec-14 17:58:10

Thinking about giving it a go...

I have been replacing breakfast with a home made smoothie in the mornings, light lunch and home made soup or another smoothie in the evening... I fancy the idea of a diet based on a lot of fresh veg and fruit so thinking about a juice diet. Anyone tried them? Looking for recommendations but not interested in diets where I need to buy expensive supplements.. Thanks

MsFiremanSam Sun 28-Dec-14 08:45:01

I use Jason Vale's plans to drop weight and then his recipes as part of my everyday diet. I started with 5lb in 5 days and lost half a stone, and felt great. I'm planning on doing his new juice and soup plan next week - there's an app for it if you have a smartphone. Some people will say juice 'diets' aren't healthy but read all the info and make your own mind up - all my family now drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day and I've managed to lose the last bit of baby weight. Good luck!

ChlorinePerfume Sun 28-Dec-14 17:57:28

Thank you. Juice & soup seems more appealing than just juice this time of the year to be honest. May I ask where you found the new Jason Vale plan please. I'm trying the 7 day juice plan and find it easier than expected. Not hungry at all but also no clue if I'm losing weight. Will pop on to the scales on day 7. Thank you.

MsFiremanSam Sun 28-Dec-14 22:39:43

Just search the App Store if you have a smart phone - it's called 'Juice and Soup Me'. The recipes look great. I'm almost looking forward to it after consuming my body weight in chocolate and baileys!

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