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turning the corner and not looking back - did you have a 'lightbulb' moment?

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workatemylife Mon 15-Dec-14 21:31:17

I started a thread here in August called 'turn the corner and don't look back'; I had realised how much weight had been creeping on through bad eating habits, and wanted some support to make that realisation one of those moments where you embark on a new path. What I wanted to be was slimmer and happier for Christmas, and I realise that those four months have passed. So how has it been for you, if you wanted to do the same?

For me, hand on heart, not easy. I had a great couple of weeks in August, then lost momentum a little in September after the end of the holidays. October was better, but then I had a rather cake-filled half term! It took a while to get out of the old habits, but since October I've been a lot more controlled - eating less at mealtimes, having occasional treats rather than entire bags of unhealthy food, and generally making better choices. As a result, actually, the temptation to guzzle has been a lot less frequent. I realise now that for the last few weeks I've gone grocery shopping and not chucked a couple of packs of biscuits / cakes in the trolley. I visit the corner shop for milk, stamps, etc, and don't reach for a choccie bar out of habit. Out of choice, sometimes, maybe. But I'm better at eating when I'm hungry rather than simply because the food is there. A smaller portion of pasta with a big bowl of salad is as satisfying as a massive bowl of pasta. So maybe I have managed to turn the corner and start to establish better habits.

Christmas will be tougher - I refuse to say no to all the yummy things on offer, but I need to make sure that a week of indulgence is just a week, and not the start of another cycle of bad habits. It has got to the point though where I start to feel a bit bleugh if I overeat, so maybe I've learned to self-limit a bit better. We'll see. Anyway, I thought I would check in with anyone from the initial discussion who is still around, and see how everyone is doing. I hope we're all feeling like progress has been made.

One more incentive to keep at it - I bought a skirt in the summer, from Ebay, in the size that I thought I was. It wouldn't do up across my hips and belly. blush But guess what I wore to Sunday lunch with friends yesterday fgrin. And that should be motivation for me, if nothing else!

Enlli Tue 16-Dec-14 23:57:31

Well done "Work" success is definitely effectively measurable by a skirt that didn't fit now fitting. Yay! I think the way you have lost weight is the most effective way. Just being mindful and cutting down. Sounds good.

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