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PMT bingeing

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Atreelapse Mon 08-Dec-14 08:16:41

Has anyone worked out how to overcome this?

I am a completely crackers when I have PMT, mainly I feel permanently annoyed, tearful, tired, unmotivated but most of all (I was going to say hungry but it's not true hunger) my appetite is insatiable and I only want to eat.

I eat whatever I can see, I literally have to have that craving to eat a loaf of bread or cereal and I look at the calendar and see I am usually 7-5 days from my period. I wouldn't like to say how many kcal I consume.. It is major binge eating! It's always carbs too. I have tried making them wholegrain and it doesn't make difference I just want to keep munching, until my stomach hurts and then more...

However, after the second third day of my period this disappears. I go back to being normal.

I am trialling fluoxetine, I've tried evening primrose oil, exercise (aerobic) helps but unless I get straight out and do it, I start bingeing at 6am breakfast time. When I try and stop I feel tearful... Does anyone have any advice?

I do appreciate it sounds like an excuse but it's odd it doesn't last the whole month... the rest of the month I can eat too much chocolate because it's nice but I can contain that... it's the PMT binger that I'm scared off!

Parsley1234 Mon 08-Dec-14 08:19:19

I am exactly the same ! 10 days before period I have an invasion of the body snatchers amd want to eat eat eat ! Interested in how to overcome this ! And it is carbs cake toast chocolate. X

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