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WW On-line, anybody tried it?

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suzywong Fri 16-Apr-04 22:20:55

Has anyone followed the WW programme on-line?
I need to shift a stone of pregnancy flab and I really can't be doing with going to meetings, so I am tempted by the on-line WW programme. Has anyone had any success with it?

Also, do you know if you can do WW will still BF?

Thank you wise ones

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 22:22:41

ME tis brill

Go for it

They won't let you join online if you're bf I think - champs knows

Allegra Fri 16-Apr-04 23:01:19

I'm doing it online. I like it for it's so easy to keep track of your points when it's all on the screen. There are useful tools like the points calculater and lots of recipes.
Not sure I'll cope next week though, when I'm on holiday as I dont have any books or stuff.

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 23:01:59

No I didn't but only put on a pound or two in 6 days. You can just be sensible.

suzywong Fri 16-Apr-04 23:05:57

Ahhh, I thought they wouldn't
I haven't spoken to champs before, do you think she'd mind if I emailed her?

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 23:06:22

No I'm sure she wouldn't she's lovely

suzywong Fri 16-Apr-04 23:08:34

OK I will then, I 've just got to do it, baby is 7 months now and i can' t keep thinking that's an excuse
Also I really need help planning meals, I just don't have the time and before I know it it's midday and I haven't eaten anything so I just wolf down lard and white bread

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 23:09:17

I think you can just join, say you aren't bf but add an extra 2 or is it 4 points a day. There was a thread about it recently

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 23:13:36

tssk can't find it

suzywong Fri 16-Apr-04 23:13:59

I'll do that then, with an extra, say 4 points at day
So do you reckon it's worth the fify quid?

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 23:15:31

Yes, the recipe builder thing is brill, you just put all the ingredients in and it tells you how many pts then you can adjust the recipe until points are lower, make you think more about eg amount of oil you are using.

Points tracker is good and so is the calculator. Recipes ok

suzywong Fri 16-Apr-04 23:18:13

right I'm going to sign up for a week's free trial tomorrow
thanks for the tips CD

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 23:19:00

Oh bum did I miss that? I signed up anyway, didn't see the free trial. Well def do it as a week will be long enough to see if you like it. Good luck!

champs Fri 16-Apr-04 23:55:46

hi suzzywong!! Hi CD, aren't you sweet! you made my day

The online thingy wont let you join if you tick that you are b/f so I just left it blank. You can just add the 6 points that you are allowed to have when b/f. (don't add it in the database though or it will show you as being over your allocated points)

I had some problems it and couldn't get into my account for 5 of the 7 days (free trial) I asked some of the others on here but they didn't have that prob... might have been something to do with cookies or something!!

I did like the look of it tho, the calculator and reciepie(sp) search is brill. I also like the fact that you can look up point values.

It seemed better than the cdrom would be cos you can access it *anywhere* (home/work/cafe'

I would still like to sign up for it but cant afford it at the mo.

I'd say try the week trial and see how it goes.

suzywong Sat 17-Apr-04 00:35:47

Just emailed you, guess I should have logged on first
you've answered all my questions, so thank you
(just sitting here in my PJs bidding goodbye to those PG tyres and batwing arms, I hope!

champs Sat 17-Apr-04 01:09:04

didn't see email, so just posted

let me know how you get on. i find ww works if you stick to it, I just haven't stuck to it
had a slump but have been remotivated.

marthamoo Sat 17-Apr-04 07:54:49

Hey suzy, missed this yesterday. You know I'm doing it online don't you? I do think it's worth the £50, definitely. I've never done WW before but, as diets go, it's not bad. I like the fact that you can eat anything you like, you just have to fit it in with your points. As you're bf-ing you can even have fish and chips from the chippy (21 points) - though of course you have to starve for the rest of the day! And the recipe builder is fab. Go for it!!

Demented Sat 17-Apr-04 17:34:38

Suzywong, if you decide to you for it and want some extra support why not join us at MN Mamas?

If you want to email me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, target weight (if any) then mail me every Thursday with your week's loss and you will be included in the weekly announcement on a Friday night.

CountessDracula Sun 18-Apr-04 23:02:08

oh god I've had a shit weekend diet wise


MadameButterfly Thu 06-May-04 15:09:09

I think I am ging to sign up for this next week.

Allegra Thu 06-May-04 15:34:28

I think you'll find it worthwhile madamebutterfly.
I'll probably continue after the initial three month subscription as it suits me. I also like having a good excuse for throwing DH off the pc. Funny how "I really need to check my points" turns into an hour spent on mumsnet!

kiwisbird Thu 06-May-04 16:16:46

Might be solution for us, I am ok weight wise could do with putting aside half a stone but otherwise ok, dh needs to lose at least 2 stones, but I need to do meals for both of us so this might be an idea worth trying, can you join as a household?
I feel like I need to support if not push him into it sometimes, he refuses to take responsibility which annoys me but then gets sad about being fat and ugly (which he is not to me )

kiwisbird Thu 06-May-04 20:07:01

I just joined, how awful to know that my M+S fried chicken just 2 small pieces is worth more than my entire daily points!
Reality check!
Thanks for the info god you find out everything you need to know here!

roisin Fri 07-May-04 09:31:49

Kiwisbird - would your dh go along to a WW meeting? My dh has just joined, and quite liked the attention (being one of only two men). He needs to lose a lot, but is already very obsessive about counting points, and notching up the exercise. I've been wanting him to go for it for quite a while now, but knew he needed to get to that point himself. I need to lose at least a stone too, so am getting pretty obsessive myself

kiwisbird Fri 07-May-04 09:39:59

categorically no to a meeting, but we both signed up foe ww online and both have been singulartly horrifed by how much we have been overeating.
He has got his food scales out is being equally obsessive about it
I'm off food shopping tomorrow for all the thihngs we need
coconut milk, I knew it was fatty but OMGGGGG

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