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Allizone therapy

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Ronsmum Fri 05-Dec-14 14:52:28

I recently joined the Allizone therapy weight loss plan in November 2014 and wanted to warn anyone before they decide to do this plan,I went to the Brentwood clinic,the people seemed friendly enough,the medgem test that was supposed to be an accurate guide to how many calories you body needs to burn to keep at your weight gave the lowest reading ever 760 so was not accurate at all and when I asked the doctor I was told it's just a yardstick,after blood tests I was allowed to join the plan ,I was consuming 700 calls a day, I did feel dizzy at times and weak, also was given various vitamins ,but the salt tablets made me throw up, when I went back to the clinic I did mention this and said maybe I would stop taking them and was told you have to see the doctor first ( and my next Dr appointment at the clinic was a month away),I did lose 6 pounds the first week but on 700 calls a day I really would expect this on to my treatments I had the ultrasound and it felt very hot and burning the last 5 mins were as much as I could bear, then on to the skin tightening treatment it was very painful and I did ask the therapist to turn it down but I still found it painful especially on my shoulders and lower back ,but was told I'd get used to it.
For days after my shoulders and lower back were sore and I had to take anti inflammatorys for pain,I also had burn marks on my stomach where the bars had been placed for the ultrasound .i decided to cancel my next appointment , and explained why and that I still ahd burn marks , I was told do you want to rearrange, I said no I don't think this is for me.A person from the clinic called and I explained that I was disappointed and why I don't want to continue she said she would pass it on.
I then spoke to the manager after I emailed the clinic as I had no satisfactory reply, I was told she would speak to the doctor, but so far a week has gone by and no reply nor suddenly is the clinic a manager available .
I spent about 600 pds for the tests and food and treatments,I feel I was duped, and wanted to warn people to carefully consider before they commit to this plan, I have had no explanation at all.
I have photos 10 days later of burn marks still on my stomach.
My doctor said it is not suitable for me at all.
My outlay would of been greater had I on continued as I was told it will take 6 months to lose 5 stones at 210 pds per week plus tests and Dr appointment fees.
I am glad I discontinued and got out before some serious damage had been caused.

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