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Atkins or similar

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Soulfly Fri 16-Apr-04 11:01:16

I just wanted to know if anyones been on the atkins diet? And also a less strict one, if so how much did you loose and is it worth doing? I am in two minds about doing atkins or something similar.

JeniN Fri 16-Apr-04 11:26:07

Hmm, not a fan, but I did hear that some of Atkin's old colleagues have branched off and published 'The South Beach Diet' which is basically also a low carb diet, but allows plenty of fruit and veg etc. My mum's coming over today and e-mailed me to say she's on Atkins, what a nightmare to shop for snacks etc..hope I got the right sort of stuff. Hope someone else can help Soulfly.

Kayleigh Fri 16-Apr-04 18:43:25

I did it for just over 3 weeks. Lost around 10 pounds, then put it all back on and more when i came off it. Just went into complete carb overload

I also found it very difficult to eat with the family and was basically cooking separate meals for me all the time, and also it was very difficult to eat out.

Vee33 Fri 16-Apr-04 18:51:18

I tried Atkins and then South Beach (similar, but less strict). Lost lots, but eventually put it all back on. Now doing ww's - seems much more sensible to me. (I missed eating fruit on Atkins). My sister swears by Atkins though.

Soulfly Fri 16-Apr-04 20:47:26

thanks for all your comments. I think atkins you either like it or you don't. I am trying my version of atkins, i am not eating white bread but wholemeal(yuk), no potatoes, no rice or pasta, but i am eating veg and fruit. I am eating rivita.I am gonna see what happens, so i suppose i am just cutting down on carbs, but if i do go out then i am not gonna sit there and have nothing, as long as i don't do it all the time i don't think it should cause too much of a problem. ( i hope) My sister was trying ww, i can't get into that or slimming world. I don't like to have to count everything i eat or have a restricted menu. I suppose witht the atkins you could eat as much as you wanted, as long as it wasn't high carb.

jane313 Sun 25-Apr-04 18:48:04

I did it and lost 3 stone very easily as I was never hungry which I always am on conventional diets. But I stopped during pregnancy and breastfeeding and have put a lot back on. I may start it agian when I stop breastfeeding but now I'm cooking for a family it would be much harder. I'm trying to just eat convetionally healthily but am craving the "bad" stuff much more than when on atkins

froot Sun 25-Apr-04 19:07:46

message withdrawn

Gemg Sun 25-Apr-04 19:45:19

I haven't tried Atkins as I know I could not manage to keep up with my ds if I didn't get my sugar and carbs! I did Weight Watchers after my ds got to 4 months old as I was the size of a hippo and I lost 32lbs over about 5-6 months. I haven't put any back on and I still have at least 1 take away and a ton of chocolate every week. I really recommend it.

champs Sun 25-Apr-04 22:25:57

froot, have u tried that ebli(sp) stuff for pasta alternative? or is tha classed as carb?

ionaming Thu 29-Apr-04 22:34:42

Has anyone got any decent Atkins recipes using their bread mix or soy flour? I found the Atkins bread recipe foul!

BTW, anyone craving chocolate, sweets or biscuits, there is a marvelous website which does low-carb versions which taste great. Most people wouldn't know they're sugar free! Next day delivery too The address is

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