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Coping with mornings

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Atreelapse Mon 24-Nov-14 09:59:26

I struggle with being grumpy and having a huge appetite in the mornings... the appetite is less to do with hunger (I can eat porridge, and it doesn't satiate the "appetite") and it has more to do with being grumpy, tired and having to feed little urchins that all want their breakfast. I am then generally in the house all morning at weekends and days at home with my little during the week.

It's the morning and mid afternoon I struggle with binge eating/overeating. Any a dive? does anyone else find themselves out of control at these times?

Thank you!

Jumblebee Tue 25-Nov-14 10:05:36

I have the opposite problem, I'm always stuffing my face in the evening, so nothing really helpful to add!

Do you get a good amount of sleep at night? I'm guessing not as much as you like, with young children! You could always prepare something for breakfast the night before so you can grab it straight away. Maybe a fruit salad to pick at while making breakfast for your children?

I'm trying to fill myself up with coffee and chores, normally my mornings are spent feeling exhausted on the settee!

twobambinos Tue 25-Nov-14 11:09:46

I have spent this morning putting extra time into tidying the house, and playing with dd in her tidied up playroom. Its much more enjoyable. I find keeping busy keeps me away from the fridge and cupboard. Had breakfast at 9am. And am counting down to 12 until I can have my lunch ��
Paint your nails? Bit of ironing?out for a walk?

Atreelapse Wed 26-Nov-14 16:18:25

Ah yes keeping busy is helping but, due to lack of sleep and generally always having hated mornings, I feel whacked in the am. My usual start to the day is make the others breakfast and have my coffee and chocolate, yes chocolate ready... if no chocolate I have fruit but end up munching loads anyway. The other day I woke at 9- we all overslept (due to a nasty cough the little one has, keeping us awake much of the night). We had to dash out of the house and I had hardly anything for breakfast and ended up eating much less. It was definitely the fact I was too busy.

I think feeling tired is a big issue- one I am yet to work out!

Thanks for your posts! I have a horrible feeling I'm not doing enough chores ;-) xx

Jumblebee Wed 26-Nov-14 17:28:14

Who needs to do chores anyway? grin (She says whilst sitting in her tip of a living room!)

I only have one LO and find it hard enough getting her up, fed and ready for the day, so I can imagine you must have a lot on your plate!

twobambinos Wed 26-Nov-14 17:53:16

I too eat chocolate in the morning.

As I have noticed if I start the day with chocolate or anything sweet fruit or smoothie even then i end up picking all day long at rubbish

holmessweetholmes Thu 11-Dec-14 13:34:30

The only way I can resist chocolate is by not having it in the house! It's certainly true though that as soon as you start on the sugary stuff (including sugary cereal, jam on toast etc, not just sugary snacks) it is very hard to stop.

I was reading the other day about DELAYING the thing you're craving, not DENYING it to yourself altogether. So instead of telling yourself you are not allowed to eat chocolate (which just makes you want it more) just think 'I'm not having any right now - maybe later if I still fancy some'. Then keep yourself busy and distracted and 'put off' eating any.

About the grumpiness - it's probably the endless up and down caused by the blood sugar spikes that is making you tired and grumpy in the first place. People who have given up sugar often say they spring out of bed in the morning with glowing skin and bright eyes <smug bastards> grin.

Anyway, I am going to try the delaying thing, OP.

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