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Transgender parent weight loss advice needed ?

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Krissy1980 Sun 23-Nov-14 14:09:13


I am a single parent and currently going through a very difficult time. I am 35 and for the last 3 years I have been taking female hormones to transition in to a woman.

Over the last year especially I have gained almost 2 stone due to developing a female body shape and not being as active as I use to be. I'm now in the process of making huge changes in my life and I really would like to loose weight as one of them, can anyone advise any exercises to loose weight in certain areas, mainly my tummy and lower body, hips and bum. Most of my weight seems to collect there and I have no idea how to shift it.

Thanks krissy x

bakingtins Sun 23-Nov-14 23:18:27

Female hormones tell your body to store weight in those areas - that's why so many women are pear/A shape. Once past menopause when hormone levels drop then they tend to store weight round their middle (Apple)
Any method to lose weight in general will help you lose inches off those areas. I've had v good results in 8 weeks of doing vibration plate training, alongside a healthy eating plan, to tone up stomach, bum, thighs. Running helps - try the c25k program.
The one redeeming feature is it's much better from a health point of view to have a lardy bum/ thighs than fat around your abdomen.

Krissy1980 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:28:05

Hi bakingtins, thanks for the advice, I have tried diets but I do not seem to loose weight from these trouble areas. Its very firm fat I seem to have developed and I'm thinking its going to be hard to move, but ill give anything a go smile thanks again.

Krissy x

hedwig2001 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:43:35

From what I have read exercise can tone certain areas, but you cannot lose weight in specific areas. Weight around the middle tends to be the last to budge.
Diets can be hard to maintain, but I am a fan of using the app or website MyFitnessPal. You work out how much you want to lose, then log everything you eat. I have lost 33lbs since June.
It gradually helps you to change how you eat, so you are less likely to put the weight back on.
Good luck.

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